THE TEMPLATE FOR THE ENTIRE PLINTH IS ALL. ON THIS PLINTH. FOR LENCO L 75 TURNTABLE YOU WILL NEED TO DO TWO THINGS TO THE L Used Lenco Plinth for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Hand Made Solid Mahogany Wood Plinth For Lenco L75 Turntable Czech Republic eBay. “The Lenco doesn’t need a plinth in order to be Great, it is inherently Great. The plinth just brings it to a higher level. If you were to buy a Lenco.

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In this way I can have the on-off on my left hand like the Garrard July 23, The original look of the Lenco L Good looking build Chris. And you need a couple of extra arms to fit various cartridges. Well, we must learn something new every day. Eventually I stayed with the old Lenco mat – and I have found my old Michell record clamp lencp.

It’s sounds slightly darker, which is always a l57 sign because it means reduced distortion. I never gave the motor and overhaul. Sections of this page. Go to part 3. The holes must be made conical to make a smooth transition from the filling to the metal. Top plate damped with 4 mm bitumen pads. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

A perfect match for the vdh cartridges. The foam inside the springs provides damping, by rubbing against the coils, so the plinth doesn’t oscillate.


Made from HQ plywood, veneer makore and is covered Click images to view large. The latest addition is a van den Hul Canary plinty.

He had a tough job making the best of it. In essence it’s the same set up as I showed and described above, but with light-weight perforated board on a frame instead of routed-out chipboard!

Very easy to install and use. Ski-Freak on July 23, The inside of my plinth shows has no screw holes where these plates would have attached. Hello Nigel, ,75 have a similar Lenco plinth, and I have been using one for some time, although mine has an outboard Rega arm.

Lenco Plinths

December 31, With the plinth in the photo, the metal top-plate sits on the 4 rubber grommets and is held down by two screws into the front and rear central wood blocks, respectively. I suggest plonth work out why it is happening before any remedial action. The chipboard plinth sits on a bamboo chopping board, which has spiked feet, which sit on a Chinese Go board, which rests on two large lumps of dry oak.

Made from HQ plywood, veneer Ebony and is covered with natural oil of the highest quality.

Used lenco plinth for Sale |

Lenco Heaven 10th Anniversary Approaches! The blobs of green paint on the three securing nuts look undisturbed. Put rubber feet on the corners of the plinth frame; or board-over the base and put rubber feet on the board. The tonearm collar is bolted to the armboard via threaded holes into the bar-stock which don’t allow the bolts to touch to the plinth, and the arm board is in turn screwed to the plinth at its corners.


Checking out if turntable fits plinth. Is your plinth like the photo below, with the two rear plinth-suspension springs arrowed? Look here for details. I read the thread on motor adjustment to try and solve the speed issue, I slackened the nuts that hold the springs to try and drop the motor but it had no effect. Pulling off the platter including spindle takes loosening of the spindle locking screw.

Plinth for Lenco L70, L75, L78 turntable. I changed to an AT92ecd cartridge potted in a metal holder, stuffed with my own formulation of damping compound, and now I have dispensed with the sorbothane feet.

GL75 Standard plinth springs – Components – Lenco Heaven Turntable Forum

What seems to be the most likely reincanation is maintaining the base plate, turn it 90 o and cover the holes from the lift and tonearm. Lenco Heaven 10th Anniversary Approaches! Turntable upgraded with Moerch DP6 12″ red tonearm.

Here is the replacement plinth from the top: