Le Horla (). February 16, Some say that Maupassant was himself half insane at the time of its writing. He did have syphilis for some time prior and did. Le Horla. First published in This edition published by It is he, the Horla, who haunts me, and who makes me think of these foolish. Le Horla () (French Edition) [Guy De Maupassant] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint.

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In that case I was a somnambulist. Open Preview See a Problem? It could surely only be I?

Yesterday Horrla sat down at my table and pretended to write very assiduously. They declare he is guiding and walking before a he-goat with a man’s face and a she-goat with a woman’s face, both with white hair, who talk incessantly, quarreling in a strange language, and then suddenly cease talking in order to bleat with all their might.

Last night I felt somebody leaning on me who was sucking my life from between my lips with his mouth. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Somebody drank – I drank – all the water and a little of the milk, but neither the wine, nor the bread, nor the strawberries were touched.

I wake up in the best of spirits, with an inclination to sing in my heart. He describes their origin, their domains, their power; but none of them resembles the one which haunts me. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

If a glass without quicksilver behind it were to bar my way, I should run into it, just like a bird which has flown into a room breaks its head against the windowpanes. I lived, without knowing it, that double mysterious life which makes us doubt whether there are not two beings in us, or whether a strange, unknowable and invisible being does not at such moments, when our soul is in a state of torpor, animate our captive body which obeys this other being, as it does us ourselves, and more than it does ourselves.


So He had run away; He had been afraid; He, afraid of me! Again all the contents of my water-bottle have been drunk during the night;—or rather, I have drunk it!

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I open my cupboards, and look under my bed; I listen – I listen – to what? De todas formas, me gusta pensar en las dos horlaa parte de un mismo universo y las criaturas una misma raza. Trata temas como el miedo a lo desconocido y el sentirse minusculo frente a la “perfecta” naturaleza, cosa siempre que disfruto de leer.

The Horla explores a myriad of horoa linked to existentialism —and the frailty of Man.

Professional conjurors do things which are just as singular. I do not feel this perfidious sleep coming over me as I used to, but a sleep which is close to me and watching me, which is going to seize me by the head, to close my eyes horal annihilate me.

But my figure was not reflected in it – and I, I was opposite to it! The light fell on to the trees, the branches, and the leaves, and a shiver of fear pervaded them also!

Le Horla () – Guy de Maupassant – Google Books

hhorla I have made myself out as a coward, but I do not care about that! Then I walk up and down my drawing-room, oppressed by a feeling of confused and irresistible fear, the fear of sleep and fear of my bed.

The wise man says: And the camel, what elegance!

Some men lose the recollection of proper names, or of verbs or of numbers or merely of dates, in consequence of an accident. This time, I am not mad. I had lighted my two lamps and the eight wax candles on my mantelpiece, as if, by this light, I could have discovered him.

I have no power left to will anything, but some one does it for me and I obey.


The Horla by Guy de Maupassant

Look here; there is the wind, which is the strongest force in nature, which knocks down men, and blows down buildings, uproots trees, raises the sea into mountains of water, destroys cliffs and casts great ships onto the breakers; the wind which kills, which whistles, which sighs, which roars,—have you ever seen it, and can you see it?

Having climbed the steep and narrow street, I entered horka most wonderful Gothic building that has ever been built to God on earth, as large as a town, full of low rooms which seem buried beneath vaulted roofs, and lofty galleries supported by delicate columns.

I highly recommend it to everyone—and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. We are terribly under the influence of our surroundings. I am a big Guy de Maupassant fan, this was nowhere near what I expected.

Instead of concluding with these simple words: It would have been a different experience if I’d flipped the two, because once I hit halfway I definitely wanted to “skip to the end. I had not moved, and my sheets were not marked. Since your departure, Monsieur, there has been a spell over me. I struggle, bound by that terrible powerlessness which paralyzes us in our dreams; I try to cry out—but I cannot; I want to move—I cannot; I try, with the most violent efforts and out of breath, to turn over and throw off this being which is crushing and suffocating me—I 18887 This disease had deeply affected him —and rendered him paranoid.

I am decidedly taken again; for my old nightmares have returned. I have never read anything which resembles what goes on in my house.