Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Sourcebook. The Kingdoms of Kalamar is a big and ambitious campaign setting that harkens back to. Kingdoms of Kalamar (d20) : Home of Knights of the Dinner Table, HackMaster, Kingdoms of Kalamar. Kingdoms of Kalamar: Campaign Setting Sourcebook (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying) [Kenzer & Company Staff] on *FREE*.

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No, the fate of many innocents depends on you – and you alone.

The character bits are interesting, brief and filled with plot hooks. Originally appeared on www. Mythos of the Divine and Worldly detailed the setting’s 43 gods.

Kingdoms of Kalamar – 1d4chan

Xenophobic elves patrol the Lendelwood, guarding their ancient city against a threatened human assault. Listing crimes and the common level of punishment for each of them.

Mendarn controls a former Pel Brolenese colony, Vrandol along the western coast. I remember many of the creatures had an insane lack of sense and crazy abilities. Use of kalzmar trademarks, or those of any other company, are not challenges to the trademark or copyright concerned. A quick summary of my personal ratings: And the battle scene that opens the book looks like it’s full of action, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

Kingdoms of Kalamar

Looking forward to the seperate modules and such to be released later this month. A independent city-state, Bronish is found along the northern coast, and enjoys the protection of a gold dragon. Interestingly, humans feature very prominently in the setting, having six varied subraces which have their own cultures, languages, and aesthetics.


Another area of inconsistecy is that kinngdoms pages have colored borders, others have black and white. The lands of Tellene defined in the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting sourcebook are often referred to as the Sovereign Lands, and include the kingdoms of Brandobia, the Kalamaran Empire, the cities and city-states of Reanaaria Bay, the Isle of Svimohzia, the Wild Lands and kinngdoms Young Kingdoms.

He has increased taxes to almost crushing levels to fuel his military, and has met any insinuations of rebellion brutally. The ancestors of the modern Reanaarians settled along the cost of Reanaaria Bay, forming a network of independent towns, villages, and city-states.

Additionally, the maps were glued too deep into the binding, warping the pages a bit where the maps were secured in. Lands of Mystery, 64 page adventure, incl. The chapters failed to detail all of the cities shown on kapamar map.

Kingdoms of Kalamar | Setting | RPGGeek

Kingdoms of Kalamar Online Store. Whether Kalamar is useful kinhdoms a given DM is a highly personal determination. Overall, the six gazetteer chapters cover their material well, presenting a dynamic, interesting setting.

While all the starting pages of a section have the colored border, there are other pages within the book that have colored borders, seemingly for no reason.

Following the country chart, there is a Kalamar Nomenclature chart, listing what to call residents of various parts klamar Tellene. Some DMs may dislike the approach of Kalamar and may prefer a more open ended setting that leaves a little more latitude.

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To me this was a very large positive. At any rate the chart has character level and that’s it. However, a more summarized look of several aspects of the setting underlying conflicts, major NPCs, etc.

Not really, in scale or power, or even size it’s just one continent or so. The Wild Lands were first settled by Fhokki and Deyj tribes who migrated into the region from the kingvoms. The last chapter details the gods of the setting. Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules.

Just reading through Tellene’s pantheon of deities will give you inspiration for untold gaming sessions and adventures! The Lands of Drhokker, which was formed through a trade pact, the Pact of Tharokken, is a loose confederation of towns rather than a true nation. Pel Brolenon is the final nation that makes up the Brandobian region, serving as a theocracy dedicated to the Overlord, god of tyranny. I certainly commend that to you indeed, I have reviewed it fully within this very sitebut I’m delighted that I happened to come across this book first.