A poem by Katerina Gogou. What I fear most is becoming “a poet” Locking myself in the room gazing at the sea and forgetting I fear that the stitches over my. Katerina Gogou was born in Athens on the first of June and spent the first years of her childhood in the harshest conditions of the Nazi. Katerina Gogou () was a Greek anarchist poetess who is a representative figure of the ’80s radical political and cultural scene of.

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In she pressed charges against General Drosoyannis, the notorious Minister of Public Order of PASOK, after being brutally beaten by riot policemen during one of the numerous anarchist marches of the time.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. All caused by property. The recital and musical score won the best music award in the Salonica Film Festival and was soon published in vinyl to become one of the musical fetishes of radical culture in the s.

Its not school conscription.

Katerina Gogou – Wikipedia

Books by Katerina Gogou. Apr 12 And the striped flag of poetry. One morning I will open the door and I will go out in the streets as I did yesterday. The last time she was spotted at the same date and year in three different places — based on valid information the blown up bridge of Manhattan the delivery of weapons to anarchocommunist movements as well as the exportation of top secret state information are to be attributed to the same person.


You katerinw help Wikipedia by expanding it. Square, biiiig, with long coats and cabardines, they had guns in their pockets, maybe more gun inside.

Gogou, Katerina: Athens’ anarchist poetess, 1940-1993

And life into praxis. But we are still there.

Katerina Gogou was born in Athens on the first of June and spent the first years of her childhood in the harshest conditions of the Nazi occupation when famine due to conscription of all edibles led to hundreds of thousands of deaths in Athens. They brought bottles And petrol.

Up and down Patission 6 Our life is Patission. This article needs additional citations for verification. However, her poems have become an indivisible part of the radical culture of the country and of the public imaginary of Exarcheia.

Up 86, this bogou. I took a deep breath to run fast. Armoured vans filled with policemen Impotent voyeurs, the doctors of the Vice Department Crabs are taking a stroll all day on your brain The whistle boys are the syphilis of your sleep – whose side are they on.

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Mitropanos is a popular singer of working class origin identified with chain-smoking male proletarian culture, he was recuperated first in the post-junta left-wing republican music scene, and then in the music entertainment industry as a whole. Two years earlier, inGogou played a central role gofou the big concert against police repression in Sporting, where many singers at the time took part. They will devour each other in eternal fire to eternity. The intransigent anarchist The threat to Rojava: And when her blood clots and she can take no more Of her kind being sold so cheaply She dances barefoot on the tables a zeibekiko Holding in her bruised blue hands A well sharpened axe.


Katerina Gogou was born in Athens, Greece. Marx… I am afraid of him… Kaaterina mind walks past him as well… Those bastards…they are to blame… I cannot -fuck it- even finish this writing… Maybe…eh?

For Katarina Gogou | Autonomies

Grrrrreeks with big hats, I know, they called them republicas. Its not school conscription. February 18th, Tags: I wanted -they did not let me, they said- to go out.

That you tell her. October 3age 53 in Athens, Greece. The law was overturned only by way of mass grassroots reaction as well as international pressure from ktaerina like Foucault and Guattari.

If it’s your first time on the site, or you’re looking for something specific, ggou can be difficult to know where to start.

We share a short biography of Katarina Gougou by taxikipali, along with a selection of her poetry, posted on libcom.