Estimation, Rate Analysis & Tender Evaluation software fully customized new SCR (Schedule Of Rates) based on Radha Krishna Committee Report. TOP. Government of Karnataka has now proposed to take up KSHIP- II to further improve state viz EPC contracts (conventional item rate contract) and Annuity contracts. ADB Mission has proposed the following tentative timeline schedule for. If looking for the book Karnataka Pwd Electrical Schedule Of Rates in Schedule of Rates WRD Karnataka | Construction Aggregate.

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Stone crusher dust finer than 3mm with not more than 10 per cent passing 0. I, J or L hooks bolts and nuts 8mm dia Limpets, Bitumen washers complete. The designer is required to contact the manufacturers to ascertain market prices. Sand filling in wells complete as per drawing and technical specifications Providing steel liner 10 mm thick for schefule and 6mm thick for steining of wells including fabricating and setting out as per detailed drawing Bored cast-in-situ M35 grade R.

Karnatska to main content. The rate for the gantry mounted variable sign would be the addition of cost of gantry support system as per approved design schedhle at i above and the cost of message display board ascertained from the market at ii above. Stainless steel strips or 5. Modified sschedule Crushed stone chipping The rates have been analysed using mechanical means. Random Rubble Stone Masonry in 1: Providing and distempering with oil bound washable acrylic distemper two or more coats of approved brand or manufacture over a coat of cement primer to give an even shade on new surface including preparation of surface etc complete.

Details of transport services and industries in the district are also available for the users. Providing and fixing to existing door shutter 40 mm thick Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester FRP paneled door shutter of required colour and approved brand and manufacture, made with fire-retardant grade unsaturated polyester resin, moulded to 3 mm oof FRP laminate for forming hollow lwd and styles, with wooden blocks of seasoned wood inside at required placed for fixing and fittings, cast monolithically with 5 mm thick FRP laminate for panels confirming to TADS 6: S Black enameled M.


Providing and fixing M. S grills in timber frames of windows with M.

pwd rates doctypes: karnataka

Providing and Laying 40 mm thick 1: Users can also download forms, avail online services, etc. Doorframe laminate shall be 2 mm thick and shall be fitted with suitable wooden blocks in all the three legs. Rod brackets all complete.

Compression Seal Joint Providing and laying of compression seal joint consisting of steel armored nosing at two edges of the joint gap suitably anchored to the deck concrete and a preformed chloroprene elastomer or closed cell foam joint sealer compressed and fixed into the joint gap with special adhesive binder to cater for a horizontal movement upto 40 mm and vertical movement of 3 mm. The laminate shall be moulded with fire retardant grade unsaturated polyester resin and chopped Mat.

Detailed information related to ULBs in the state, citizen services, fund release and municipalities corporations etc. Aggregate at site i For 53 mm maximum size 63 mm to 45 mm 33 per cent Epoxy including 10 per cent wastage Applying epoxy mortar over leached, honey combed and spalled concrete surface and exposed steel reinforcement complete as per Technical Specification Epoxy resin-hardener mix for prime coat Epoxy mortar Epoxy resin -hardener mix for seal coat.

Boulder apron laid in wire crates Providing and laying of boulder apron laid in wire crates made with 4mm dia GI wire conforming to IS: Details related to agriculture, food security, natural resources, industry, economic infrastructure, human development, etc.

Providing and Laying first class brick work in one brick thick in superstructure of standard size bricks with 1: Transportation of Transit Mixer 4. Solid Block in 1: Users have to make a declaration that there has been no endorsement by court since Hook and Eyes with complete set. Excavated material to be utilised in roadway at site Aggregate Sub- Surface Drains Construction of aggregate sub surface drain mm x mm with aggregates conforming to tableexcavated material to be utilised in roadway Underground Drain at Edge of Pavement Construction of an underground drain 1 m x 1 m inside dimensions lined with RCC cm thick and covered with RCC slab10 cm in thickness on urban roads Preparation and Surface Treatment of formation.


kanataka Soft rock 8m dia well Depth in soft rock strata upto 3m Hard rock 8m dia well Depth in hard rock strata upto 3 m Sinking of 9 m external diameter well other than pneumatic method of sinking through all types of strata namely sandy soil, clayey soil and rock as shown against each case, complete as per drawing and technical specifications.

Boulder laid dry without wire crates.


Providing and Laying 20mm thick cement plaster of specified mix in single coat including finishing even and smooth and curing etc all complete. Lawn Providing a lawn planted with grass and its maintenance Pricing of lawn may be done as per rates given in chapter for the quantities as per approved dimensions in the drawings. Related Links Website of Shimoga district of Karnataka. Room noII Gate, M. Permeable synthetic geotextile including 5 per cent for overlap and wastage Dry Rubble Flooring Construction of dry rubble flooring at cross drainage works for relatively less important works.

Penetration Coat Over Top Layer of Crushed Cement Concrete Base Spraying of bitumen over cleaned dry surface of crushed cement concrete base at the rate of 25 kg per 10 sqm by a bitumen pressure distributor, spreading of key aggregates at the rate of 0. Clayey soil 8m dia. CI trap 65mm with fittings. Providing and Laying 15mm thick cement plaster of specified mix in single coat including finishing even and smooth and curing etc all complete.

C squatting pan Indian type mm size with mm SCI Sand cast iron P or Strap, 10 later low level flushing cistern with fittings, CI brackets, 32mm flush pipe with fittings and clamps, 20mm overflow pipe, cutting and making good the wall and floor etc complete. Elastomeric Slab Steel Expansion Joint Providing and laying of an elastomeric slab steel expansion joint, catering to right or skew less than 20 deg.

Providing Ekra walling with matured bamboo spits with 20mm thickness. Depth of sinking is reckoned from bed level.