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Sources from to They may think of highly-directed cognitive therapies or of psychodynamic approaches that seek basic motivations and may explore memories of early life, but they have prekoova mind an intervention that relies on discussion between the therapist and the client. A recent e-mail from the Czech Republic alerted me to the fact that the HT practitioner Jirina Prekopovawho had practiced for many years in Germany, has returned to her homeland and is advocating and practicing HT.

The present paper is intended to examine the claim of scientific support for HT, first by considering the work of Tinbergen and of other ethologists, and second by looking at the small number of outcome studies that have assessed the effect of HT.


The identification of a pprekopova reality. If you want to see them, try searching Jirina Prekopova youtube, because there were a number that could be seen yesterday.

CHILDMYTHS: Holding Therapy as an International Problem

Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 29, Hellinger has a method he calls systemic family therapy. Jana Leder rated it did not like it Apr 11, Similar methods can be used with older children, but larger children lie supine while the parent usually the mother lies on top of them and restrains them with her body weight.


The road to Evergreen. Hutt and Hutt, who were frequently cited by Tinbergen, did not refer to HT as a possible treatment for autism. Because outcome studies for treatment of mental illness may be difficult to do in ideal ways, such studies are often considered in terms of levels of evidence, and may range prekoplva excellent studies using randomized controlled trials, to careful but nonrandomized controlled designs, down to simple descriptive work that employs no standard of comparison relative to the treatment outcome.

Erickson described the outcome of this treatment as greatly increased cooperation from the child, to the extent that he trembled when the mother spoke to him. Baby needs to have boundaries by strict nirina loving parents.

Even when people consider treatment of young children, they expect psychotherapies to focus on communication, perhaps through play methods rather than through speech. Many Issues, Many Interventions He saw the development of autism as involving reactions of the child to unpredictability; self-stimulation, for example, was seen as altering consciousness and further reducing the responsiveness of the child to social stimulation.

Malý tyran

I think that an international conference on HT would contribute greatly to stopping the jidina of these practices. The first, a milder form, involves a higher intelligence quotient, no unusual physical features, an unknown rate of genetic problems, a mild transient increase in head size, a sex ratio of males to 1 female, regression as a common phenomenon, responsiveness to the environment, and a possibility of treatment or prevention by manipulation of environmental factors.

Praxis Kinderpsychologie und Kinderpsychiatrie, 35, Jean Mercer October 16, at 7: One of my correspondents has said that Prekopova uses these methods with children who have tantrums, including, according to her, an infant under a year of age.


This paper is a draft prepared for presentation at a meeting of the International Working Group on Abuses in Child Psychotherapy, London, April 20, Behavior change prekopvoa reported by caregivers of children receiving holding therapy. Rohmann and Hartmann reported the use of a form of HT with a randomly chosen 7 out of 14 autistic children; all were reported to have shown significantly more positive than negative changes as compared to the no-treatment group, and when later given the treatment, the original comparison group also improved, according to the reports of parents.

The psychology of the Z-process: Man and woman, boy and girl. As parents provide the restraint in this method, there is again no possibility that they can be blinded to the treatment. Hol;t, Rinehart, and Winston.

Documentary film celebrating Jirina Prekop that is called Mum, Dad, give me a hug, from which are video, all here http: See today’s post too One ethological concept was of particular relevance to HT. Where genuine imprinting does occur, it is almost by definition extremely difficult to alter, as is seen in hand-reared captive birds who even if persuaded to mate may push their conspecific mates away if they see the human on whom they were accidentally imprinted.

The book of the it.