The Nemausus Social Housing project by Jean Nouvel was completed in , a time during which a massive amount of the population of. Building Type: 4-Storey Low-rise Social Housing Scheme. bullet, Completion: bullet, Total Floor Area: 10, m2. bullet, Architect: Jean Nouvel.

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This reality is echoed in the designs of the era, and soon to appear for settlement proposals.

There is also a large green space in between the two buildings for tenants to enjoy. The total area is habitable The low cost requirement was met by using prefabricated industrial elements for interior and exterior fittings the building shell is thin concrete cased in aluminium sheeting.

To rationalize the use of land, located in the garage floor, half-buried, following a onuvel ordinance but also to the parking lot does not limit the visual and from the outside of the package.

Nouvel poses two buildings almost parallel elongate boat-shaped, one shorter than the other.

Nemausus Housing – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

Currently, people living in these buildings was very young. One of the things that I noouvel most interesting about this project was the flexibility of the interior spaces. In total there are housing units distributed in the set, with simple types of duplex and triplex studios, one bedroom house with double height, etc.


That is the contextual aspect. For the load on each of them not too, Nouvel poses a counterweight system.

It also means all the apartments have a big terrace and open out fully onto this terrace. It was built in an industrial zone as part of a project to improve public kean in the area. Because Nouvel was so inspired by industrial design, he was able to lower the overall costs of construction and make the apartments available to a wider range of people. The balconies provide outdoor living to the full: That is the democratic aspect. He used one main core in each apartment that included the bathroom, and a pantry.

We understand the quality of this translation is not excellent and we are working to replace these with high quality human translations. The destruction of entire cities and the sharp increase in construction costs require new solutions.

You can find out more or switch them off if you prefer. The lack of safe water and hygiene and sanitation led to epidemics that resulted in tragedy. This social housing scheme is experimental in nature located in Nimes, France.

The materials on Nemausus are given by this particular image so radical. For the independent structure of the stairs using rectangular steel sections, painted red and nouveo stripes, emphasizing the language industry.

Working-class districts, with the repetition of the minimum housing standard were the first response. It is used as a sole or balcony space saved.


Thin reinforced concrete with aluminium cladding.

Nemausus Housing

From there, bringing the architecture to social housing has been more mild and isolated kean. In order to facilitate innovative approach, it is encourage experimentation rather than situating oneself onto a safe position of pleasing all potential occupants. Metal Cladding on as major material. Although the appropriateness of using metal cladding in Jexn Kong context is arguable perhaps for its industrial appearance, ease of abuse and so on, the idea of replaceable and recyclable finishing cladding is certainly a plausible one in terms of minimizing demolition waste and ultimate material recycling.

He raised the building up off the ground and used the space he gained for parking, nouvl was a fairly revolutionary idea for the area. The cities were not prepared for such growth, and lacked the necessary infrastructure for this new situation. Making use of boom lifts for picking fruits from tall trees seems like a great use for them. Posted by Abby Buckingham at The stairs are off from each building and have an independent steel structure.