Jean-Baptiste Willermoz was born on July 10, in Lyon. He became a Mason in , at the age of In he founded in Lyon a regular Lodge called. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz. The Elected officials Co├źns. Since , the masonic course of Jean-Baptiste Willermoz takes a watershed, when it is allowed in the. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz became a freemason in , when he was 20 in a lodge which operated under the auspices of the Strict Observance. In he.

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You do not owe anything to those who have gone before you; but everything to those that come after you.

Post a comment or leave a trackback: Inhe was appointed Worshipful Master of his Lodge. Very reserved towards Cagliostro, he thought, after several conversations with him, that he did not promote an “orthodox” Christianity in his eyes.

But he was a man dedicated to win every discussion, even after such a defeating blow.

You will find here many different works but always in connection with Masonry, operative or speculative. He is initiated by Martinez himself in Verailles, France.

Leave your pride, treasures and decorations at the door of our Temple, and come as you are: Like many other sincere members, Willermoz can see that the Order was doomed and he is anxious to preserve all that can be saved. In he set up Strict Observance’s Lyon lodge, La Bienfaisance, and became chancellor of its new province, the directory of Auvergne.


Jean Baptiste Willermoz

Willermoz was angry, and claimed him to be leading his members by false pretences. Fromwhen he was 20, Willermoz had been a Freemason. Therefore, let your right hand be open to all Beings in the sign of fraternal sincerity. Your Artwork issued on Canvas or Jeam Paper, you have the choice Our reproductions are generally offered on the most similar to the original substrate. Artist Canvas for paintings. These techniques guarantees a result very close to the originals.

Jean-Baptiste Willermoz

Knowing oneself is the pivot of the Initiates desire. Willermoz was educated at the Trinity School of Lyons. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. In August of the same year the general assembly of Freemasons of Wilhelmsbad of the Strict Batiste Observance takes place.


We know that at the time, the Order of Elus-Cohen was suffering from internal dissentions and from a lack of leadership. Especially those you call your own. During this important meeting, one attends a retreat of the claims templiers.

All these things are as naught to us. But never believe that you have done enough, and let yourself lean back to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Give support to him that staggers, and raise those who have fallen. And through the pride gaptiste your mind, plunged yourself into the abyss of oblivion.

Deprived of its founder, the Order declines and will be soon tiny room to the sleep. He was admitted to first grade in the Order of the Elus Cohens at Versailles in personally by Martinez de Pasqually on the recommendation of Bacon of Chivalerie and the Marquis de Lusignan. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz enters baptuste the second part of his esoteric life.


East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

He was a manufacturer in silk and silver at Rue des Quatre-Chapeaux, and as a volunteer director of charities, he played an important role in the European freemasonry of his time. You will not fail to recognize that Mankind is but one family; and you will cherish all men, for we all have the same organs, the same need to love, the same desire to be useful, and we all have an immortal Spirit like yours. A general meeting called the Convent of Gaul was held from Nov.

Therefore, we do not persecute, but leave all behind us: Amongst the great multitude of Beings that populate the immensity of our universe, you have chosen, by an act of free will, the Initiates as your Brothers and Sisters. Retrieved from ” https: Any Being that suffers or laments has jezn sacred rights towards you; take care not to ignore them!

Humble yourself in the living Logos, the Word in Extension, and bless Providence that you were born in a time and baaptiste place where the path of illumination should lie open for you.