The J Bus Line, formerly the G-Silo line, is a Unitrans route serving Anderson Road, Alvarado Avenue, and Sycamore Lane. It provides service. Transfers to other Unitrans lines are free and valid for 30 minutes from time of issue during regular service, and for 1 hour J-EX North Davis Express via Hwy. Center Island (Wb) →North Sycamore Loop (Nb) bus route by Unitrans (Davis) in Sacramento. Choose your stop or station for line J to see the full schedule.

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Supervisors “supes” in the vernacular and Trainers must hold a unitrxns number of safe driving hours, must currently hold a prerequisite position unitrwns Unitrans, and must satisfy other requirements. UC Davis Mobile is a free app for iPhone and Android that takes the real-time bus prediction data from NextBus and presents it in an easy-to-use package.

Contributed by and 4 others. Why do they do this? This means you can plan trips across town using Google Maps.

Full fare information can be found at the Unitrans website. No need to install a bus app to check the bus time, or a train app to get the train time.

Unitrans – Davis – LocalWiki

Add this badge to your website. Generally, they run in the afternoon and early-evening hours between 1: You must be logged in to comment on this page. Pick Bus options that you can take to get to Unitrans J Line. The remaining ones have diesel engines.

Transit Planning Assistant – Assists the Planning Manager with all future transit operations planning activities. Typically, only the MU Terminal is serviced. Double-deck buses pull into stops and then angle away from the curb “kicking out” so that when conductors and passengers step off of the bus, they are protected and less likely to be run over.


How to get to Unitrans J Line in Davis by Bus

The route follows the regular weekday J Line route. New registration cards are required to board the bus. From Starbucks 47 min Q. We are a c 3 non-profit organization.

Route Training Manager – is a student responsible for overseeing Route Trainers and arranging a route training schedules for newly licensed drivers. When going outbound away from downtown the bus has to go very close to the middle of the lane so as to not have it’s right mirror hit the tunnel. As oine August 8th,the J line will be replaced by the G-Line. Shop Assistant – is one of the student mechanics who assist the career staff in maintaining the buses. Conductors are friendly faces that unitranw you on your ride with our unique London double decker buses, and ensure your safety while on board.

Unitrans has a few strange procedures which ensure safe and reliable service.

This second bus helps split the load and keep the other bus on time. Any drivers out there who know the answer?

You must be logged in to comment on this page. The remainder of the fleet at the time was matched unittans this color scheme.

The Unitrans bus yard. Considering that North Davis has the highest population density out of any area of Davisit makes sense that this line has the highest ridership of all of the Unitrans lines and is subject to frequent overcrowding at peak hours. The high-ridership llne Such as D, G, J, and W commonly have a “tripper” bus that accompanies the main bus through one line. NextBus is a “real-time” Internet and unitgans service that provides, for buses so outfitted, the latest arrival information for serviced unitrqns.


Also leads the Route Supervisors. Sources of Unitrans buses: The website provides a simple, regularly refreshing information page for a selected stop.

These routes alleviate the general crowding from regular service routes and allows faster travel for those traveling out of campus. Contributed by and 61 others. The drivers of the buses are all UC Davis undergraduate students, as well as all of the trainers, managers, office clerks, mechanics, unitdans support services staff. Supervisors and Trainers Supervisors “supes” in the vernacular and Trainers must hold a certain number of safe driving hours, must currently hold a prerequisite position within Unitrans, and must satisfy other requirements.

On a Vintage Double Decker, the destination sign will be a located in the rear window, near the loading platform on the rear of the vehicle. Lost and found items are brought to our office in 5 South Hall, Please Call for any questions. Drivers are instructed not to stop. Have a question about why we at Unitrans do what we do, and don’t do what we don’t do?

Grad students do not. Express routes only serve limited stops. Entry Level Positions Transit Driver – is the student driving your bus. Coffee by public transit?