The The Quilt Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, The Quilt study guide contains a biography of Ismat Chughtai, literature. ‘Lihaaf’ or the ‘Quilt’ was written in and published some time later in in Adab-e-Latif. The story brought immediate notoriety to Ismat because the. SHORT STORY Lihaaf [The Quilt] O Ismat Chughtai Translated from Urdu by M. Asaduddin In the last issue of manushi, while reviewing Deepa Mehta’s Fire, we.

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Gender, Nation and the Transition to Independence. Then I heard two people whispering. Quite entertaining and lovely pinch of humour. In the midst of a beautiful description a single line immediately individualizes Begum Jan for us and at the same time alerts us to the fact that something might be amiss here. When the narrator is left at Begum Jan’s place by her mother, she realises that despite her past admiration of love for Begum Jan, there lie many secrets with her.

Lihaaf – Wikipedia

Mohan approves of such a reading. Refresh and try izmat. Published in the Urdu literary journal Adab-i-Latifit led to much controversy, uproar and an obscenity trial, where Ismat had to defend herself in the Lahore Court as well for this work.

Frank and often wickedly comic, Chughtai’s stories were the imaginative core of her life’s work, drawn from memories of the sprawling Muslim household of her childhood. Begum Jaan would have glimpses of them chughttai their perfumed, flimsy shirts and feel as though she was being raked over burning embers! Thus all her dreams of spending a happy married life come to naught. Begum Jaan’s sexuality is represented as something deviant in M.



Te favourite story in this collection was isat alone. The first person narrator then is probably the author herself who is also going to be a participant in the story as it is clearly stated that she is going to draw upon memories of her childhood which go into making up this story.

Thus her style too chughtaii this racy pace with which she was surrounded. Often I wondered why the hell I was so aggressive. She came from what was then a part of northern India, now Pakistan, and Urdu was her language. The sexual exploitation of a child in the title story, The Quilt. The next step is an unmasking of the pretentiousness, the hypocrisy, and the pseudo-religiosity of the Nawab and by extension of the society to which he belongs.

She has written about the same in an upcoming article. At the end of the story the Lihaf has been put to an ingenious and dexterous use to work both as an object as well as a metaphor.

A story narrated by 9-year-old girl name Amiran, who happened to spend two chughrai with Begum Jaan and all the events unfolds in that time.

Dedh Ishquiya seem iismat be inspired by this story. She had put away the shawl and in the fine karga kurta her body shone like a ball of dough.

Her cheeks began to glow and she blossomed in beauty. Some were flat, a chronology of events, others were impassioned and poetic.

She recalls how as children, she and her brother often used to hear women gossiping about a certain woman and her affair with a maidservant. But I was surprised that you wrote a pointless sentence at the end of your story. Their relationship is then akin to a transaction as Rabbu is reduced to a pair of hands and Begum Jan is transformed into a sexual predator, merely feeding on her prey without reciprocating. It is unable to provide Begum Jan with the warmth that she needed and none of its shadows on the wall held any promise for her.


Im going to attribute that to not reading the Urdu originals.

THE QUILT by Ismat Chughtai | Kirkus Reviews

She was very tall and the ample flesh on her body made her look stately and magnificent. Why do you think Rabbu’s son is mentioned here and drawn into the narrative?

Contexts differ, and obviously it would have rang very differently for its intended contemporary audience, but I found the positioning of villains and innocents in the story enough to disengage from the rest of the material.

The language author used seems very simple for the way she expressed the feelings in a beautiful way. She died in the early ‘s and was considered a truly liberated soul.

Thus she finds no solace anywhere and begins to lose sleep and health. Let us take the story step by step to see how Chughtai is able to achieve this remarkable feat.