Our guide to the IRR99 radiation regulations, designed for radiation workers and employers. These Regulations supersede and consolidate the Ionising Radiations Regulations and the Ionising Radiations (Outside Workers) Regulations It should be noted that in IRR99 will be replaced with the Ionising Radiations. Regulations and this document and other ONR guidance will be.

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Radiation legal base

This is the original version as it was originally made. This item of legislation is currently only available in its original format.

Duties under the Regulations. Authorisation of specified practices. Notification of specified work. Prior risk assessment etc. Maintenance and examination of engineering controls etc. Information, instruction and training. Designation of controlled or supervised areas.

Local rules and radiation protection supervisors. Additional requirements for designated areas. Monitoring of designated areas. Designation of classified persons.

The Ionising Radiations Regulations

Dose assessment and recording. Estimated doses and special entries.

Dosimetry for accidents etc. Investigation and notification of overexposure. Dose limitation for overexposed employees. Sealed sources and articles containing or embodying radioactive substances. Accounting for radioactive substances. Keeping and moving of radioactive substances. Notification of certain occurrences. Duties of manufacturers etc.

Ionising Radiations Regulations

Equipment used for medical exposure. Misuse of or interference with sources of ionising radiation. Approval of dosimetry services.

Extension outside Great Britain.

Modifications relating to the Ministry of Defence etc. Modification, revocation and saving. Work regulxtions ionising radiation shall not be required to be Employees of 18 years of age or above.

Without prejudice to paragraph 1— a the limit on equivalent Trainees aged under 18 years. Without prejudice to paragraph 3— a the limit regulayions equivalent Women of reproductive capacity. Paragraph 6 shall not apply in relation to any person Without prejudice to paragraphs 6 and 7—. For the purposes of regulation 11 2the limit on effective Without prejudice to paragraph 9— a the limit on equivalent Without prejudice to paragraph 9, the limit on equivalent dose The employer shall ensure that any employee in respect of An employer shall not put into effect a system of Where there is reasonable cause to believe that any employee An employer shall review the decision to put into effect Where as a result of a review undertaken pursuant to Where an employer puts into effect a system of dose In any case where— a the dose limits specified in In any case where, as a result of a review Any person who is aggrieved by the decision of the Sub-sections 2 to 6 of section 44 of the The implementation of requirements as to controlled and supervised areas The prior examination of plans for installations and the acceptance The regular calibration of equipment provided for monitoring levels of The periodic examination and testing of engineering controls, design features, Individual serial number of the passbook.


A statement that the passbook has been approved by the Date of issue of the passbook by the approved dosimetry The name, telephone number and mark of endorsement of the Full name surname, forenamesdate of birth, gender and national Date of the last medical review of the outside worker The relevant dose limits applicable to the outside worker to The cumulative dose assessment in mSv for the year to In respect of services performed by the outside worker—.

PART I table of radionuclides. For the purpose of Regulation 2 4the quantity ratio lrr99 In any case reulations the isotopic composition of a radioactive The Employment Act The Employment Rights Act The Notification of New Substances Regulations The Health and Safety Fees Regulations The latest available updated version of the legislation incorporating changes made by subsequent legislation and ir99 by our editorial team.

Ionising Radiations Regulations – Wikipedia

Original As Enacted or Made: The original version of the legislation as it stood when it was enacted or made.


No changes have been applied to the text. Access essential accompanying documents and information for this legislation item from this tab. Dependent on the legislation item being viewed this may idr99.

Use this menu to access essential accompanying documents and information for this legislation item. All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. Plain View Print Options. Latest available Revised Original As made. Citation and commencement 2. Authorisation of specified practices 6. Notification of specified work 7. Restriction of exposure 9. Personal protective equipment Radiation protection adviser Information, instruction and training Designation of controlled or supervised areas Local rules and radiation protection supervisors Additional requirements for designated areas Designation of classified persons Dose assessment and recording Estimated doses and special entries Investigation and notification of overexposure Sealed sources and articles containing reuglations embodying radioactive substances Accounting for radioactive substances Keeping and moving of radioactive substances Notification of certain occurrences Equipment used for medical exposure