Intecont Tersus – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read for weighing tasks better than % Manual and/or automatic zero setting Full. The INTECONT Tersus weighing elec- tronics is specially tion module, INTECONT Tersus optimally fits into any Manual and/or automatic zero setting. processes, the INTECONT Tersus meas- uring, control, and supervisory module, INTECONT Tersus optimally fits into any Manual and automatic zero setting.

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Return to the normal display, or abort a function. It only makes sense with major belt load fluctuations and simple weighing mechanisms.

Safety hints given in order-specific documentation Safety hints relating to mechanical components Instructions and safety tips for parts manufactured by sub-suppliers or that are not part of Schenck Process’s scope of delivery. However, it is always expe-dient to measure the length manually and to enter the exact tresus as a parameter.

In other respects the protection classes of the housing must be observed.

PasswordPasswordPasswordPassword Passwords safeguard the parameters against unauthorized alteration. Relevant parameters Behavior if alarm Triggered: Instead, the measured belt load is used before changing over.

The weighting of an impulse is defined by P Then it shows the new setting for a couple of seconds as Current Time.

Key in the length ratio in percent in parameters Platform Dis. The programs can only be used for belt monitoring if there is a belt circuit sensor Namur transmitter and a triangular metallic sensor surface in the conveyor belt. Belt impact measurement is constant to take changes in regular operation into account. Feeder is no longer operable. The load distribution on a single-roll weighbridge is shown by the white triangle.


Calibration with calibration weights: On vertically-installed load cells, the effective angle equals 0. P05 – Analog OutputsP The functions of buttons 4 – 7 depend on the application inteocnt and parameterization.


Belt Load 3 s P Connection diagram for voltage supply Setpoint and switching-in source changeover VWF The sources are preselected with parameters in the Control Sources group. The Nominal Belt Load calculated from the rated values functions ,anual. Schenck Process GmbH Documents. Display alarm Operating philosophy Operator guidance through menus on several levels.

Manual Intecont Tersus

Select the desired function of the second level. Function block Calibration CW: The load on the platform exerts a force on inntecont load cell LC through one or more weighing idlers.

After taring, the total remains unchanged over one belt circuit with the empty belt. Attach the calibration weight at the place provided. All calibration and evaluation data are important and must be entered exactly. Ensure that any connected peripheral devices are functioning correctly before acknowledging an event.


It continues with ergonomically set-up operating menus, automatic adjustment programs, integrated weighing applications and calibration memory for conveyor belt scales.

XC1 DeviceNet module front viewFig. The selected space of the first level has an orange background. BIC belt influence compensation and belt drift This function makes it possible for the belt to record and compensate for dynamic zero point influence with an additional belt circuit sensor and a metallic marking flag in the belt.


Pulses per mnual P The turn-off point and the utilization of “dribble feed” can be automatically adapted. Incorrectly set para-meters may cause injury or material damage. Important features at a glance Compact evaluation electronics for continuous measurement systems Colour, high-resolution TFT Ergonomic operating elements arranged by function Multilingual capabilities provided by the operating languages available.

EasyServe also allows the scales data to be accessed by remote data transfer. Hazards may arise when the system is used for control operations or for transporting weighed goods. The scale has to run in volumetric operation. From this data, the device calculates all required standardizations for the displays. If the frequency fluctuates substantially at a constant belt speed, the Namur sensor of the tachometer generator is probably too far away.

Hidden parameters can only be shown with the EasyServe service software and they can also be cleared there for the dis-play on the unit wherever necessary.

Published on Oct View 2. The dimension data should be adapted to the Nominal Flow Rate. Display warning 2 Fig. Additionally, you should observe: