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IEC Impulse tests on cables and their accessories. 1. Related Test Report Forms. No publication found. Withdrawn/Replaced. IEC The voltages pertaining to the system on which cables and accessories are to be used are given in IEC or in the relevant product standard. Buy IEC Ed. Impulse tests on cables and their accessories from SAI Global.

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Standard sheet C25 shows retaining device dimensions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A C18 inlet will accept a C13 connector but a C14 inlet will not accept a C17 connector. Instead, a country-specific power supply cord can be included in the product packagingso that model variations are minimized and factory testing is simplified. Each type of coupler is identified by a standard sheet number.

Retrieved 29 June This connector can also be found on high current medical equipment. The IBM Wheelwriter series of electronic typewriters are one common application. It also defines an interconnection cord set as an “assembly consisting of one cable or cord fitted with one plug connector and one connector, intended for the interconnection between two electrical appliances”.

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There is a similar polarized connector having one squared side, see outline belowbut this is not part of the standard. The cabled adapter provides grounding through a slide-in connector, while the angled AC adapter “duckhead” does not provide grounding. Colored power cables are used to color code installations. IEC defines a cord set as an “assembly consisting of one cable or cord fitted with one plug and one connector, intended for the connection of an electrical appliance or equipment to the electrical supply”.


Views Read Edit View history. Detachable appliance couplers are used in office equipmentmeasuring instrumentsIT environments, and medical devicesamong many types of equipment for worldwide distribution.

Although the terms “male” and “female” are sometimes applied to these connectors, the terms are not used in the standards themselves.

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Cables with a C13 connector at one ifc and a type E plug connector at the other are commonly available. The C1 coupler and C2 inlet were commonly used for mains-powered electric shavers.

It is rectangular and has pins parallel to the long axis of the coupler face. Sheet C26 shows detail dimensions for pillar-type terminals, where the end of the screw bears on a wire directly or through a pressure plate.

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They are identified by letters, not numbers, with one letter identifying the plug connector, and the alphabetical next letter identifying the mating appliance outlet. Connectors are also classified according to the method of connecting the cord, either as rewirable connectors or non-rewirable connectors. The shape and dimensions of appliance inlets and connectors are coordinated so that a connector iwc lower current rating, temperature rating, or polarization cannot be inserted into an appliance inlet that requires higher ratings.

Domestic Audio, video, radio equipment and double insulated power supplies. Uninterruptible power supply with a C14 inlet lower left and four type F outlets right. IEC standards Mains power connectors.

Very common on personal computers and peripherals.

BS EN IEC 60230:2018

For use in very high temperature settings, such as some stage lighting instruments. Many small switched-mode power supplies used for laptops.


This kind of coupler is used by Roland Corporation for ieec couple of synthesizer and drum computer models for example: In addition the standards define further general criteria such as withdrawal forces, testing procedures, the minimum number of insertion cycles, and the number of flexings of cords. Unpolarized C7 connectors can be inserted into the polarized inlets; however, doing so might be a safety risk if the device is iwc for polarized power.

Selection of a coupler depends in part on the IEC appliance classes. Many types of coupler also have common names. For example, an E plug fits into an F outlet. Assembly and handling of an appliance is easier if the power cord can be removed without much effort. Wikimedia Commons has media related to IEC The power supply cord can be replaced easily if damaged, because it is a standardized part that can be unplugged and re-inserted.

For example, an electric kettle cord can be used to power a computer, but an unmodified computer cord cannot be used to power a kettle. Type J outlets are used in a similar way.

These data centre power cables are now offered in many colors which can be confusing to people unfamiliar with data centers. Couplers described under these standards have standardized current and temperature ratings. Xbox power supply [16] some vacuum cleaners, CPAP machines, audio equipment, televisions, medical devices.