CSR activities of HUL. Industry Sector: FMCG and Consumer Durables. Products/ Services: Food brands; Homecare Brands; Personal Brands;. This presentation showcases the CSR activities undertaken by the biggest FMCG company in India – HUL. It also talks about how it has. History Hindustan Unilever Limited was established in as Lever Brothers India Limited by Lever Brothers. In , it became known.

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Among them are educationists, NGO activists, physicians. Yet another day care center, Anbagam “shelter unilevrr love”has been started in also in the South India Plantations.

Project Shakti is an initiative to financially empower rural women and create livelihood opportuniti Water Conservation Project Daman, Daman and Diu.

Prabhat Dawn is a program which focuses on communities around company factories. Encouraged by Ankur’s success, Kappagam “shelter”the second centre for special education of challenged children, was set up in on HUL Plantations in South India. The focus of Kappagam is the same as that of Hindjstan. You can also email us at info csrbox.

Past Projects undertaken by foundation: Vocational and recreational activities to over 35 children unlever range of challenges like hearing or sight impairment, polio, cerebral palsy and several learning difficulties. Company has partnered with Solidaridad for sustainable sourcing of tea, The programme aims to move t Project Prabhat year X Thanks a lot for submitting the news story.


It has 2 main objectives: However, ignorance of such basic hygiene practices leads to high mortality rates in rural India. Can’t read the image? Shakti is a pioneering effort in creating livelihoods for rural women, organised in Self-Help Groups SHGsand improving living standards in rural India.

Project Shakti Year The areas of inte It takes care of 11 children. Ankur was set up in as a centre for special education for differently-abled children at Doom Do It seeks to empower underprivileged rural women by providing income-generating opportunities, health and xctivities education through the Shakti Vani programme, and creating access to relevant information through the iShakti community portal.


Under the Happy Homes initiative, HUL supports special education and rehabilitation of children with challenges. Our Team will get back to you within working hours. NGOs, governmental bodies and other institutions have been working to improve the status of rural women.

This is another day care center Center of Lovewhich was started in in south India plantations. Economic Empowerment of Women.

It is estimated that diarrhoea claims the life of a child every 10 seconds and one third of these deaths are in India. Get Daily Updates from Karmayog. Improving access to safe drinking water Bhopal.

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Various initiatives like recycling treated effluent water for gardening, installing reverse osmosis It takes care of 11 children. Date 24 March It has 17 children. The centre takes care of children with challenges, aged between 5 and cwr years. They work to create a better future every day and helps people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands xsr services that are good for them and good for others.


The Foundation identifies academically exceptional girls from financially challenged backgrounds and CSR Projects in Maharashtra. More than 60, children in India do not reach the age of five due to infections like diarrhoea and You may write to us at info csrbox.

Asha Daan is a actibities in Mumbai for abandoned and differently-abled children, HIV-positive and destitu It aims to achieve this through providing information, resources, inputs and support in the areas of education, career and enterprise.

Free on Reciprocal link activuties. The Foundation is implementing its activities in association with state governments. Economic Empowerment of Women. In case you want to schedule an exclusive interview with your top management or CSR Head, please write to us at info csrbox.

X You have entered Invalid Email Id!!! In HUL commissioned Sustainability to carry out a strategic stakeholder engagement.