Amiel’s Journal has ratings and 14 reviews. Jessica said: I have completed my journey with Henri. I was a little sad to lose him. Of course technical. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. INTRODUCTION. IT WAS in the last days of December, , that the first volume of Henri Frederic Amiel’s “Journal Intime” was published at Geneva. The book.

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January 23, [He is slowly dying from intine and asthma. All Amiel’s life, as it is presented to us in this jour- nal, was full of this passionate, painful search for God; and the contemplation of this search is the more instruc- tive that it never ceases to be a search, never pauses, never passes over into a consciousness of having dis- covered the truth, never into preaching.

Three snowstorms this afternoon.

And, as always happens with a first-rate man, what struck yenri even more than the teaching was the teacher. The eternal life is eternally to be re-won. In spite of his fits of melancholy, his natural turn of henrj was cheerful; up to the end he was young, a child even, amused by mere nothings; and whoever had heard him laugh his hearty student’s laugh would have found it diffi- cult to identify him with the author of so many somber pages.

The ideal poisons for me all imperfect possession. The first may free a man from himself, it may enfranchise him from egotism. Amiel never says to himself or to others, “I know the truth now; hear me!

We must learn to detach ourselves from all that is capable of being lost, to bind ourselves abso- lutely only to what is absolute and eternal, and to enjoy the rest as a loan, a usufruct.

Amiel’s Journal: The Journal Intime of Henri-Frédéric Amiel by Henri Frédéric Amiel

But the work itself remains unachieved. I abhor useless regrets and repentances.


As I cannot suppose that so peculiar a psychological revelation will enjoy a wide popularity, I think it a duty to the editor to assure him that there are persons in the world whose souls respond, in the depths of their inmost nature, to the cry of anguish which makes itself heard in the pages of these remarkable confessions. In a passage of frdroc Journal written nearly thirty years after his election he allows himself a few pathetic words, half of accusation, half of self-reproach, which make us realize how deeply this untowardness of social circumstance had ehnri him.

The henrk of the two certitudes, the two methods, the scientific and the religious, ” is to be sought for in that moral law which is also a fact, and every step of which requires for its explana- tion another cosmos than the cosmos of necessity.

As to the Christian feeling, we find M. I am astounded at the incredible amount of Judaism and formalism which still exists nineteen centuries after the Redeemer’s proclamation, ” it is the letter which killeth” after his protest against a dead symbolism.

No, there is no wishing the German element in Amiel away. Yesterday, Sunday, I read through and made extracts from journzl gospel 01 St.

In he was appointed professor of aesthetics at the academy of Geneva, and in became professor of moral philosophy. This man had so many interesting things to say about such a WIDE variety of subjects, he was truly amazing.

My edition was translated by Mary A. In his young alertness Amiel seemed to be entering upon life as a conqueror; one would have said the future was all his own. And does will show itself in strength or in resignation? I frdfic revolted, contrary to all expectation, for I opened the book with a sort of hunger for style and beauty.

But meantime the genuine labors of these two writers E. Geneva is not a favorable starting-point for a French book, and it may well have seemed that not even the support of M.

With his extraordinary power of ” throwing him- self into the object ” of effacing himself and his own per- sonality in the presence of the thing to be undertsood and absorbed he must have passed these years of travel and acquisition in a state of continuous intellectual energy and excitement. The Dent du Midi, with its untrodden soli- tude, its primeval silences and its hovering eagles, the Swiss landscape described in the ” Fragment on the Ranz des Vaches,” the summer moonlight on the Lake of Neufchatel these various pictures are the work of one of the most finished artists in words that literature has pro- duced.


To learn new habits is every- thing, for it is to reach the substance of life. Scherer, after dwelling on the rapid growth of his intellectual powers under German influence, “the profit which Amiel derived from his stay at Berlin is more doubtful.

Henri-Frédéric Amiel – Wikiquote

I’ve never read anything like it. Having completed a course of higher education in Geneva, Amiel went abroad and then spent some years in the universities of Heidelberg and Berlin. The redemption wrought by science or by intellectual love is then inferior to the redemption wrought by will or by moral love. And I abhor useless regrets and repentance. Scherer had left Geneva, Amiel wrote to him, describing his difficulties and his discouragements, and asking, as one may ask an old friend of one’s ftdric, for help and counsel.

But a mood which, in the great majority of thinkers, is intermittent, and is easily kept within bounds by the practical needs, the mere physical instincts of life, was in Amiel almost constant, and the natural impulse of the human animal toward healthy move- ment and a normal play of function, never very strong in him, was gradually weakened and destroyed aniel an untoward combination of circumstances.