Hemoglobin electrophoresis is a blood test that can detect different types of hemoglobin. It uses the principles of gel electrophoresis to separate out the various. In addition CE and HPLC identify and measure many variant haemoglobins, including the commonly encountered variants HbS, HbC, HbE and Hb D-Punjab. The advantage of the HPLC system is the excellent resolution, reproducibility & quantification of several normal & abnormal hemoglobin.

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Hemoglobin electrophoresis – Wikipedia

The pH will be 6. HPLC—how necessary is it for haemoglobinopathy diagnosis in India?

The present findings show HPLC as an excellent, powerful diagnostic tool for the direct identification of haemoglobin variants with a high degree of precision in the quantification of normal and abnormal haemoglobin fractions.

A commonly used apparatus is the Variant Bio-Rad Laboratories. Electrophoresis is elektroforesiis by the use of cellulose acetate. The anticoagulant is EDTA, but the use of citrate or heparin is also acceptable.

An example of isoelectric focusing electrophoresis is shown in Figure 3. Start up the water bath by turning on the Power Switch and the Refrigeration Switch. Total haemoglobin, which is a mixture of these molecules, has a net negative charge.


The chromatographic station delivers a programmed buffer gradient of increasing ionic strength and pH to the cartridge by two dual-piston pumps, and the haemoglobins are separated according to their ionic interaction with the stationary phase. Select QC medium in the drop down menu, enter the lot number, select elekktroforesis right dilution: It is necessary, therefore, in warm climates to have air conditioning in the laboratory.

Capillary isoelectric focusing and high-performance cation-exchange chromatography compared for qualitative and quantitative analysis of hemoglobin variants. Detailed clinical history, complete hematologic evaluation along with newer ancillary techniques including High-performance liquid chromatography HPLCwhen used systematically can achieve laboratory diagnosis of thalassemia syndromes and hemoglobinopathies.

After rehydration excess of fluid is removed from the surface of the gel by wiping it gently with the edge of a piece of filter paper.


Add 3 ml of stain activator. Isoelectric focusing gels contain hh buffers called ampholytes that smooth the pH gradients. The windows are defined retention time intervals in which the common haemoglobin variants are eluted eg HbS, C and D. During this 75 vh period, the sample applicators are loaded.


There are several electrophoretic methods, mostly classified according to the supportive media. Presumptive HPLC diagnosis no.

Hemoglobin Electrophoresis

It may be because of the fact that Genetic mutations can cause your body to produce hemoglobin that is formed incorrectly. Clear Turn Off Turn On. The elektroforesiss light of the feeder belt indicator will switch to red. Nausea and Birth Control Pills: A hemoglobin electrophoresis will indicate if there are any abnormal types of hemoglobin caused by genetic disorders.

HPLC retention time as a rlektroforesis tool for hemoglobin variants and hemoglobinopathies: Additional genetic investigations should be done to confirm the presumptive diagnosis when it is needed. Evaluation of an automatic HPLC analyser for thalassaemia and haemoglobin variants screening. Why a hemoglobin electrophoresis is done. The controls made in this way can be frozen and thawed three times. Remove the cover, eoektroforesis the electrodes and remove the electrode holder. Limitations of the procedure: Use the red blood cells after centrifugation.