Model, DSO Oscilloscope Mode. Vertical System. Analog Channels, 4. Bandwidth, 60MHz(-3dB). Rise Time, ns. Input Impedance, Resistance: 1MΩ; . Hello to everyone. I bought an Hantek DSO KIT IV from an online reseller. I need to say I was impressed with the packaging and. DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPE. USER’SMANUAL . Connect the B-Type Plug of USB cable to DSO USB’S USB port. 3.

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Hantek 3064 PC Based Oscilloscope Arbitrary Waveform Generator Spectrum Analysis

Multimeter Socket HT pair The external multimeter socket offer a quick and easy solution, uantek a permanent connection is not required. I don’t have enough experience with DSO’s to make qualified judgments but my initial impression is I was hoping for more. Last but not least, some theoretical and practical knowledge is required to master the basic skills to operate a digital oscillscope.

Optional car power adapter and cord for oscilloscope. Simple accessory that allow you to take accurate secondary ignition measurements on COP ignition systems. Auto Test Leads HT30A pc It’s a special line for assisting auto measurement instruments to test various types of signals.

Product Tags Add Your Tags: Be the first to review this product. I own two of their amp clamps one works fine the other arrived broken and I had to spend two hours fixing it to get it to work.

Integral injection molding makes the usage more flexible and the oscilloscope able to adapt more testing situations. Our Partner Manufacturer Hantek. Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. In short, unwillingness to learn new things ahntek one of the reasons why car repair shops reject the oscilloscope. Compatibility with Automobiles The oscilloscope is a device which is used solely for watching various electrical phenomena signals as a function of time.


Automotive Diagnostic System DSO Kit VII from Hantek

Automotive electronics continue to evolve and becopme more complex. Test Equipment Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. I’m open to instruction and advice.

Hantel Design Robust aluminium finish with protective hard rubber sides protect the device in the conditions of shop environment. Wow, nice waveforms SailorBob! For more information on the manuals, go to the technical support pages. Apply to logic analyzer. The programme licence is not limited to a single computer.

Cookie Policy This website uses cookies to ensure proper functionality of the shopping cart and checkout progress. This breakout lead is easy to hangek voltage readings from numerous sensors in vehicle engine compartment. A Hantek Automotive Diagnostic System is a PC based automotive oscilloscope that will turn your computer into a powerful diagnostic tool.

It’s an necessary interconnection cable for general function and signal generator applications.

Hantek DSO / BE Scopes – ScannerDanner Forum – SCANNERDANNER

I have a DSO Here are some results looking at the primary ignition hante and current ramp. My setup was the dso outside of the engine compartment and the ground leads clipped on engine ground. This website uses cookies to 306 proper functionality of the shopping cart and checkout progress.

There’s a nice long post here talking about scope options: If I could get that quality I’d be a happy camper. Zoom lightbox moreview lightbox moreview lightbox moreview lightbox moreview lightbox moreview lightbox moreview lightbox moreview lightbox moreview. On my scope, it says to hook up all the channels hzntek calibrated to a ground.


Designed to aid diagnostics on secondary ignition circuits by allowing an HT measurement to be made when there are no, or limited access, to any spark plug leads. Previous Next DSO With a digital oscilloscope you will start detecting instead of guessing the faults.

HANTEK DSO3064 Kit VII 60 MHz Automotive Oscilloscope System

Welcome Log In or Register. This board is factory installed on oscilloscopes hntek an optional interface and should require no futher connections to be made to it.

The programme is also able to capture the measured waveform and store it as a reference curve, or store the oscilloscope setting for a new measurement of the same car part. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Project Development Secondary Development Service. With each Hantek Autoscope profiset you will get the following technical support: HT – Process Calibrator.

I adjusted voltage and timebase the best I could. Auto Ignition Probe HT The Hantek automotive oscilloscope control programme contains a database of preset waveforms, i.

For measuring slower signals, such as the lambda probe or air weight, a sampling rate of several dozen kHz will suffice.