A Grain of Wheat study guide contains a biography of Ngũgĩ wa Thiong. provide critical analysis of A Grain of Wheat by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o. A masterly story of myth, rebellion, love, friendship and betrayal from one of Africa’s great writers, Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s A Grain of Wheat. A masterly story of myth, rebellion, love, friendship and betrayal from one of Africa’s great writers, Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s A Grain of Wheat includes an introduction.

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Not by a long shot. When the characters Gikonyo and Mumbi get married, in love and just starting their lives, Gikonyo is sent to detention.

A Grain of Wheat by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

The characters in the book are all dealing with the aftermath of the Mau Mau rebellion, having lost family members or having suffered detention, forced labour and torture. Thiong’o constructs his story slowly, weaving back and forth through different storylines, visiting different time periods and peopling different huts.

The past time is almost equal in length if not longer from the present. This is not an easy book. Or is this independence only an idealised dream.

Sep 01, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell. The result is a sad picture of Kenya told by a person convinced that Kenya needed to get rid of the whiteman and be ruled by black Africans.

On the Road Jack Kerouac. The exchange between the present and the past was mainly at the beginning confusing, but you get used to it as the novel progress. Views Read Edit View history. Very few of these actions and the motives fo This is much more of an indictment of colonialism than Paradisewhich is understandable in the context. Wa thiong’o is such a great writerand I loved his philosophyI loved how he made me as an Algerian readerbelieve in the black power over the Whitman All along I avoided reading writers who use the stream of unconsciousnessbut this one couldn’t but finish it.


A Grain of Wheat : Ngugi Wa Thiong’o :

Ngugi is one of my favorite authors. The numerous characters have colliding and intersecting storylines that weave in and out of the themes of desperation, betray Astonishingly good. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. And it is not only a bright past treachery was already present, with suffering, prison, detention camps, violence. I used to assign this book to high school students. The other great thing is that it takes place after the uprising once the British are leaving, when the telling of the story and the claim to hero status are as important as the truth of what happened.

A caricature of the British imperialism: Is everything in the new independent Kenya better than it was before? Over the next seventeen years his wife, Nyambura, gave birth to six children. A theme of the book is the ‘need’ for heroes of the struggle to epitomise the new nation.

A Grain of Wheat is about the events that lead up to Kenyan independence, or Uhuru. Why did it fail? It was division among them. Based on the first couple pages I’d pegged it as a slog, and not expecting to enjoy it but feeling I should read it anyway for my world fiction challenge, read nearly half the book in a crowded place with divided attention.

It is a rallying cry for freedom fighters and the name given to the day when Kenya became an independent country in Viewed from a distance of years and oceans, the lead-up to independence and ultimate triumph over the colonialists is unequivocally a time of celebration for Kenyans. I bought my copy of this book used and would highly recommend avoiding the old Heinemann “African Writers Series” edition.


This article about a historical novel of the s is a stub. The other would be that all power has the potential to be corrupted, regardless of race, as we see with characters like Robson or the MP that cheats Gikonyo and Karanja. The same goes with the names. I could start with two quotes, words spoken by two characters in two very different dialogues: The story of the years leading up to Kenya’s independence is told through a set of characters who represent the oppressor, the freedom fighter, the unwitting hero, and those who were traitors.

Ngugi draws on Conrad to nuance the idealistic, but cold and inhuman character of the white DO, Thompson. View all 3 comments. She had fed on stories in which Gikuyu women braved the terrors of the forest to save people, of beautiful girls given to the gods as sacrifice before the rains. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I nearly cried for Mugo.

I went into this novel comparing it to Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apartwhich in spite of its many rave reviews I found to be relatively underwhelming. Jun 17, Wangui rated it really liked whext. It is unlikely that a truly ‘African’ style would reach out to a European readership in the same way.


I know ngugii literature doesn’t make a lot of money, but seriously, if you’re going to publish something can’t you handle it with at least minimum competence? In other projects Wikiquote.

Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe. No one is actually a hero.

If I had more time, I could write pages and pages of stuff about it and what I liked, what it made me think about, etc