the Gnoblar Kingdoms army, gloriously painted by. Mitch and Mark themselves. • Gnoblar Kingdoms Army List. This list takes the troops, war machines, and. Click here to watch on YouTube gnoblars = gnoblars + “the gnoblar player” xD. This list was “legal” because was published in White. I realize that I cant run the original gnoblar army list and that all my characters would be ogres but I was wondering how I should do this.

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Note that they have their own army, Gnoblar Horde: If I take the Talisman I would be over on my points which would mean I would have to drop the fencers blades. Crown of Command on your Slaughtermaster- this will ensure the unit is always Stubborn, while armg character is in the unit.

I’m thinking 2 scraplaunchers and no Giants as giant anything doesn’t really work.

Ogre Kingdoms Tactics page

Retrieved from ” https: I really love the idea of scratch modeling to reinforce the exclusively-gnoblar theme. How’s your conversion skills? Largely insignificant The best thing about gnobbos, next to their wonderful low points cost. Plus, they have higher leadership than the normal trooper, a whopping six.

Gnoblar Army possible? – Fantasy Battles (9th Age, WFB, etc.) – Ordo Fanaticus

And then there is the problem of getting over to a worthwhile terrain piece to trap it Blood-Gnoblars aren’t scouts. Manbiters who are particularly successful sometimes forsake Ogres and band together in warbands, joining their Gnoblar kin before leaving for random destinations, telling stories of their exploits in places that don’t exist that never actually happened to anybody the entire way. A complete waste of points unless you know you are playing on a battlefield filled with water features.


I know that the army book tells you to attach these attendants to the base of the owning Ogre, but I prefer to have them on separate 20 mm bases Look-out Gnoblars are attached with blu-tack. Can be sacrificed with even less care than gnlblar gnobbos.

The Unwashed Masses are Gnoblars that have become independant of Ogres and banded together. Just having a polished red rock and not letting others steal it grants supernatural aura like that of a Daemon, a single Gnoblar eating an Ogre’s tooth makes a mob believe they are xrmy, rolling loaded dice to prove their own fortune make them temporarily indestructible, and their “luck” warps reality into going their way.

Gnoblar Units and Characters

Take as many as possible and keep them cheap. Lucky May re-roll ANY dice roll they desire so it must involve them somehowthe second result must always be accepted.

Perhaps just pick up the additional hand weapon and use the extra pts from the fencers to buy the crown.

As a replacement for those two points of CR you get a bunch of weakly attacks that will amount to about 1 dead enemy if you are lucky. Thematically similar to the Gretchin Revolutionary Committee. This little article will go through all the available gnobbo units and characters available through the Ogre Kingdoms army book or the Gnoblar army list presented in UK WD and give my biased and opinionated opinion of them.


Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Big, heavy and rather simple.

You only have two to pick arky and they are both good. I would certainly not take a Hunter in order to have more Trappers, but on those rare occasions I take a Hunter I also take another unit of Trappers – with a little luck you can claim or contest all four table quarters from the start of turn 1.

Armorcast makes cool steam mushroom-forges and observatories to use as unit fillers or flavor gnoblxr. I could agree to that. I suggest you take as many of these as possible and give all except one who will carry the Battle Standard, see below flails and nothing else.

Avian – Gnoblar Units and Characters

Another interesting and fun unit. I don’t know why the author of the army list thought that this might be an attractive option. I know a guy who took 80! Gnbolar was thinking of recommending the counts-as-goblin list but then that’s not as cool or novel as a concerted effort to maximize gnoblars. It is sometimes painfully vnoblar that a lot of these units are ideas that struck the writer of the army list as a good idea and which has then not been tested sufficiently or at all.

Here’s my suggestions on your army: