G n c 2 5 0 x l • Read online or download PDF • Garmin GNC XL User Manual . View and Download Garmin XL pilot’s manual and reference online. Garmin GNC XL aviation-panal mount: User Guide. XL GPS pdf manual. Garmin GNC XL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Garmin GNC XL Pilot’s Manual And Reference.

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Send a private message to Mel. Press to activate the vertical navigation function. Whenever the GNC XL needs to alert you to a navigation, communication or system message, the annunciator light U next to the M key will flash. Page 91 To change the display contrast settings: Don’t have an account? Following the first-time mxnual of your GNC XL, the time required for a position fix will vary — usually from two to five minutes.

Garmin GNC XL Manuals

Ft Worth, TX Posts: The second and third lines of the satellite status page provide the satellite number and signal strength of each satellite in view. Garmin site lists only the pilot reference manual for the two. Mnaual and Database Informa The unit should be taken to an authorized service center immediately. Alerts for prohibited areas will always be displayed, regardless of unit settings or operating mode.

Page 64 Entering waypoint comments. Got it, continue to print.

Page 10 The message key is used to view system messages. Operating mode page Selecting the simulator mode.

If you enter a value greater than the value computed by the GNC XL, the time before the maneuver is to begin will be displayed. Key and Knob Functions The map page displays your present position, using an airplane symbol in track up mode or a position diamond in other orientation modesalong with nearby air- ports, VORs, NDBs, intersections, user waypoints and airspace boundaries.


Page 50 Once a waypoint category and identifier have been selected, the GNC XL will provide extensive information through a set of waypoint pages for the selected cate- gory. The airport communication page displays the radio frequencies and usage for the selected airport, as well as sector and altitude restrictions.

Garmin GNC 250XL Manuals

The receiver status field, located at the top left of the page, can display the fol- lowing messages under various conditions: Send a private message to DGlaeser. If duplicate entries exist for the entered identifier, name or location, additional entries may be viewed by rotating K. The route action field, located at the top right of the page, is used to select the desired route operation.

Page 69 To toggle between the SUA name and controlling agency display: Page 53 The airport communication page displays the radio frequencies and usage for the selected airport, as well as sector and altitude restrictions. Press and use to display the user waypoint list. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

The copy function can be used to save the con- tents of the active route route 0 to an open storage route. To ensure proper connector seating, gently press on the left side of the unit until tightened. The transfer key flip-flops the active and standby frequencies. Manual squelch control is not available. If you enter the overlap area you will only be informed of the nearest proximity waypoint.

Each waypoint category provides different types of detailed infor- mation for a selected facility: Trip timer settings, showing timer active when groundspeed exceeds knots. Check the installation settings for correctness. To view restrictions on a frequency: The following functions are available: These are found in the first field on the bottom row of the page.


In addition to the other five pages, the GNC XL features manuao menu pages to perform a host of planning and navigation functions.

Garmin GNC XL Aviation GPS Receiver | eBay

Page of Go. The map setup page also allows you to control whether or not the various way- point types and the identifiers for these waypoints garjin displayed.

Page 60 To create a user waypoint from your present posi- tion, leave the reference waypoint field blank and enter a bearing and distance from your present position. Intersection Information Intersection Position Page The last database waypoint category available is intersections.

Garmin GNC 250XL Aviation GPS Receiver

The airport position page harmin the position, field elevation and available fuels for the selected airport. If the informa- tion is too long to fit on the display, the GNC XL will automatically scroll to display the rest of the information. The waypoint pages may mabual scrolled through by press- ing the W key and rotating the outer knob until the desired page is displayed, or by pressing the W key repeatedly. Page 44 Page 45 Page 46 Page 47 – Section 3: The route action field also features a copy function that permits you to copy any route to another open storage route.