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Song Management Song management This chapter explains the following five operation procedures for song management.

Fostex MR-8HD/CD User Manual – Page 1 of 28 |

When completed, “Completed” is shown on the display and the disc is automatically ejected. Fostex America shall not under any circumstances be liable for: Page 7 MIDI synchronization Page 39 – Recording onto four tracks simultaneousl As with the description on the previous page, the display now shows the screen for setting the event.

The mixdowned material can be recorded to an external master recorder. Editing A Song Name You can edit a current song name save the edited song name. Editing The Part s You can erase the part s on the selected track s of the current song.


Page of Go. The display now shows the screen for selecting the copy source track s. Signal Flow Of Track Bouncing The following shows the signal flow for each of three track bouncing modes.

You can apply a reverb or delay to tracks 1 through 4, as well as the mastering effect to the mixed signals. Each input signal is positioned in the mix according to the panning setting here.

Before executing track bouncing, you can rehearse it. Fostex product was manusl. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Bar 1 through bar 3: Fostex mr-8 digital multitracker owner’s manual pages. Each room can be regarded as a song. You can make four-track simultaneous recording with any available track combination in the same manner.

Use an optical digital cable with Toslink plugs on both ends. When you press a different alphanu- meric key, the cursor automatically moves right. Faders Playback levels of tracks 1 through 4 1 through 4 for bouncing.

Fostex MR-8HD/CD user manual

About Song To understand songs, imagine separated rooms as shown below. In this procedure example, enter “4Bar”.

The current setting of the selected item starts flashing. The term, “time base”, is used as the reference of recorder position information. You can check the part before entering the menu mode, as well as while the part editing screen is shown.


Fostex MR-8HD Musical Instrument User Manual

Actual Track Bouncing Faders Playback levels of tracks 1 through 4 1 through 4 for bouncing. You can change the default bar offset to the desired value. You can not only check the file but also set CUE points for track division.

Exchange the part s You can exchange the parts between the desired tracks. Songs are recorded on a hard disk along with the ABS time from 00m 00s ms to m 59s ms. Up to four tracks can be recorded simultaneously. You can now edit the end time of the exported file s. You can choose from among the following three delay types. Each tempo specified by a tempo event is effective until the next event appears.

The part move operation can be made only within the current song.