Menzoberranzan, the City of Spiders, is a fictional city-state in the world of the Forgotten Realms, a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting. It is located in the. @keithcurtis for pointing out that this supplement does not take place in the Forgotten Realms, nor is there any mention of Menzoberranzan). Buy Menzoberranzan: Boxed Set (Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms) Box by R. A. Salvatore (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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As I recall, the city is dominated by powerful houses which war with each other. For strict 5E material, you should stick to Momonga-sama’s answer.

The Houses that grow weak are destroyed, and newer Houses rise up to find Lolth’s favor. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to menzobetranzan your experience. The citizens themselves form a formidable militia.


Some of the most powerful holy artifacts of the drow are stored within the halls. The last male standing wins.

I don’t own this one and I haven’t read it, but it could be useful. Wizards of the Coastp. In 2nd Ed there was a whole boxed set: I’ve been googling and searching all morning but I can’t find more than the wikis. Ruled by the feared and respected Houses and their Matron Mothers, Menzoberranzan is a place of great nobility and great treachery. But what of the common folk – the drow of non-noble birth, the humans, and others?


Collector’s Vault – YuGiOh. She has been succeeded by her daughter Fortotten. V Mini Booster 1: I seem jenzoberranzan remember Drow using levitate abilities to gain access to buildings, but that was a long time ago, so I could be way off. Menzoberranzan was founded by a priestess of Lolth named Menzoberra the Kinless. Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide p. Roflo 2, 1 15 Here they are indoctrinated against surface elves and non-drow.

The priestesses of Lloth, the Spider Queen, demand and receive complete respect from the citizens of this mighty city. Not to make you aggrieved, here is some crucial info: In return, Lolth gave Wulfgar over to Errtu as a prisoner, means by which the mighty demon could gain his revenge on Drizzt.

Pokemon Lost Thunder Out Now!

dnd 5e – What does Menzoberranzan look like? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

According to the color palette of the graphic novel versions of the R. Email Required, but never shown. Batman The Animated Series. What are forogtten sources of these images? If your adventure is taking place there, it would help you a lot. Due to its array of skilled soldiers and its many connections with the outside world, Bregan D’aerthe is a valued ally of many powerful drow houses.


By the time the Time of Troubles had passed, Lolth was restored to full power and single-handedly crushed House Oblodra, the remains of their stronghold being pushed into a deep chasm known as the Clawrift, and Matron Oblodra’s spirit went to Errtu for eternal torment. It’s not Menzoberranzan, but Erelhei-Cinlu is the original Drow city. Shenron’s Advent Starter Deck.

Foreseeing her temporary loss of menzoberganzan due to the Time of Troubles, Lolth had asked the demon Errtu to protect her worshippers, should she herself fail to do it.