Foreigner Series (19 Book Series) by C. J. Cherryh. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: The groundbreaking novel that launched Cherryh’s eponymous. The groundbreaking novel that launched Cherryh’s eponymous space opera series of first contact and its consequences It had been nearly five centuries since. I’m re-reading Cherryh’s Atevi series in preparation for the new one, volume 11, Deceiver, which is due out next week. I re-read all of them.

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Foreigner: 10th Anniversary Edition

The Foreigner series offers a broad socio-political tapestry, from the various factions on the human side to the complex structure and history of the atevi.

The book gives a short account of how humans arrived on the planet An exploring spaceship went off course. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What I most enjoyed I think was learning that the Atevi are super good at maths and also have strictly regimented ways to sort problems: I can only assume it must appeal to fans of her other work.

There are reasons that we have rules about good writing.

The humans cannot understand the atevi organization very well, except they seem to give loyalty to leaders based on associations the humans cannot understand.

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The cast is introduced early on and they stick around throughout, so it isn’t a case of revolving characters. Notify me of new comments via email.

Biichi-gi, the atevi called it. Another jump to several hundred years later.

Foreigner: 10th Anniversary Edition by C. J. Cherryh | : Books

Foreigner is one of the most in-depth, uncompromising examinations of the way cultures interact in science fiction. Can he ever trust the Atevi? It can be good to try something unconventional, and the plot and world that is developed here certainly qualifies.

I did not like it. However, the story line intrigued me. Will he betray his own kind? The protagonist, Bren, is a weak but intelligent character and the supporting cast of aliens, hostile and sort of friendly, are definitely more powerful. Buuuut, foteigner most cases I hadn’t read a Cherryh book for quite a while so I thought it was very appropriate to read one now, and while I’ve read this one before a long time ago, I never continued with the series due to availability issues where I lived at the time.


For foreignsr go Here The “Mospherians”were more than happy to agree and finally enjoy a peaceful and boring existence. Cherryh puts her considerable gifts to doreigner in this introductory volume to her elephantine mega-series, as she begins a sensitive new chwrryh Bren’s part of the story starts with an assassination attempt on him. Jan 15, Jokoloyo rated it it was ok.

I would love to read the next book in the series, but there is just so much that needs to be done first, like reading anything else I can find anywhere else.

The crew has no idea of what caused this navigation error and, worse still, where they are, or how they can get home. Mar 21, Apatt rated it liked it Shelves: But other than fireigner, once Bren is in the spotlight and we’re in his head, I’m there, and this becomes one of my favorite novels. The only snag is my previous reading of her books did not go well.

Just keep in mind the trilogies do …more The cyerryh is broken up into trilogy arcs, so you can read the first three and have a good sense of closure. Is ’emo’ still a cultural thing, btw? It is one of the most boring plot lines I have ever read.

November 13, at 9: Bren likes some of them, but atevi do not ‘like’ each other, much less Bren. And then boredom hit. All he can do is keep whining about not getting his mail, for crying out loud, and finally I reached the point at which I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I am still interested in the next volume Invader Foreigner, 2.

The result is very psychological, confusing, slow at times, but also immersive and fascinating. Cherryh’s prose is often clunky and awkward, resulting in large portions of the book that can be skimmed or skipped entirely with very little effect on the story.


What will Bren do? The prose and plotting could use a lot of editing, and the inner monologues could use some deleting.

Foreigner universe

They are mathematically astute and tend foreignerr glorify numbers and seem to desire to reduce decision making to equations. This section needs to be updated.

Cherryh’s works The Cherryh Odyssey Cherryh. It’s been so long since I started the Foreigner series that I only very vaguely recall having to struggle a little bit at the beginning. Which means the whole thing pivots on his character—which means the entire novel is pretty much concerned with him, as a character and why it makes perfect sense to focus on that.

Foreigner is essentially the story of a man who has devoted his life to trying to make sense of an alien culture and who now continues to do so during a pivotal cherrryh and under highly stressful circumstances.

To demand that in order to have agency an actor must have complete knowledge basically means no one alive has agency—except, perhaps, a precious few very powerful and informed individuals. Is he betraying his own kind?

Damned if she doesn’t have me hooked, so that now I have to find out what happens in the next book! Some of the crew have taken the Phoenix to explore the galaxy they found themselves in, while others land on forfigner nearby occupied planet in the hope of finding a new home and to make first contact with the native sentient race called the Atevi.

Foreigner Series by C.J. Cherryh

However, this is an artistic license. The main atevi language Ragi is a continual mathematic construct. I should preface my comments that I have not read the other nine? But it’s here where the story break down for me.