familia pandanaceae pdf & Buerki (Pandanaceae): characterization, circumscription, and distribution of a new genus of screwpines, with a synopsis of accepted. Perteneciente al Taxon Arecidae Orden Pandanales: Pandanáceas Familia Pandanaceae. Done. Comment. 29 views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Triuridaceae (familia nº 47); Velloziaceae (familia nº 48); Stemonaceae (familia nº 49); Cyclanthaceae (familia nº 50); Pandanaceae (familia nº 51). sensu APG III .

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Pandanaceae – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The families and genera of vascular plants, vol 3, Monocotyledons: Consultado el 7 de julio de Studies on the sedative effect of Cistanche deserticola. Mice of either sex were randomly allocated to the different control and test groups 6 animals per group. Bromeliaceae en el bosque humedo tro pical del choco Colombia. In the present study, several neuropharmacological effects of PO in mice were reported, employing different validated animal models.

The effects were recorded as follows: Mice unable to remain on the rod for at least three min were considered as a positive test and the time of their fall was recorded. Effect of Zizypus spinachristi wild aqueous extract on the central nervous system in mice. Sodium pentobarbital induced sleeping time Mice of either sex were randomly allocated to the different control and test groups 6 animals per group.

Preparation of plant extract.


Arales Arecidae bur-reed family cattail family class Liliopsida class Monocotyledonae class Monocotyledones family Pandanaceae family Sparganiaceae family Typhaceae fzmilia Pandanus liliopsid family Liliopsida monocot family Monocotyledonae Monocotyledones order Arales order Palmales order Pandanales. Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. These observations suggest that the leaf of Pandanus odoratissimus contains some active principles which possess potential CNS-depressant action.

The saponins and flavonoids have been reported to be responsible for a sedative effect and likewise for pandqnaceae of spontaneous motor activity in mice Musa et al.


Consultado el 12 de enero de Substances that have CNS depressant activity either decrease the time for onset of sleep or prolong the duration of sleep or both.

Perteneciente al Taxon Arecidae Orden Pandanales: Pandanáceas Familia Pandanaceae.

Services on Demand Journal. El tallo es erecto. Young adult Swiss albino mice weighing g of either sex were obtained from the central animal house of Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamilnadu, India.

Petersen, O Seberg, M. Chemistry and pharmacology of flavones-C glycosides from zizipus seeds. A significant reduction in spontaneous locomotor motility, drowsiness and remarkably quiet behavior were observed. Consultado el 6 de junio de pandanaceas To the best of our knowledge, no studies on the Pandanus odoratissimus in the central nervous system have panadnaceae reported.

PO decreased the time for onset of sleep and also prolonged Pentobarbital sodium-induced sleeping time in a dose dependent fashion.

Acute toxicity and general behavioral studies.

Pandanales – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

The Ayurvedic plant Pandanus odoratissimus Linn belonging to the family Pandanaceae Pandanus comprises species and is distributed mainly in subtropical and tropical regions; out of these, 36 species have been recorded in India.

Experimental animals ;and administration. The leaves of the herb Pandanus odoratissimus were collected in September from villages surrounding Chidambaram, Tamilnadu, Famili. Testing contrasting hypotheses of floral evolution.

Lista floristica del archipielago de los Jardines de la Reina, Cuba. Medicinal oil is also prepared from the roots of Pandanus odoratissimus The Wealth of India While conducting the toxicity studies, animals were observed continuously for any general behavioral changes.

Spontaneous motor activity is a measure of the level of excitability of the CNS Mansur et al. Preliminary qualitative chemical studies indicated the presence of steroids, saponins, terpinoids, glycosides, tannins, flavonoids and phenolics in the extract.

On the other hand, Pandanus amaryllifolius is a member of the family Pandanaceae consisting of a group of plants generally referred to as “screw pines. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


Estas dos familias tienen muchas instancias de gigantismo y pueden ser o largas enredaderas Cyclanthaceae y Pandanaceae o grandes hierbas arborescentes Pandanaceae. Sugiri, Sujadi and T. Soltis y Peter F. Effect of Hypericum Pericum L.

The extract was then evaporated under reduced pressure to fwmilia a dark green viscous mass. PO has a significant effect on in vivo muscle relaxant activity as indicated by positive results obtained in the grip strength test. Various sleep times of mice treated with pentobarbital with or without extract are shown in Table III.

The powder was passed through a no. The experiments were repeated at an interval of 30 min for a total of min. International Book Pandanceae, Entre las familias introducidas especiesalgunas ya naturalizadas, que no se tomaron en cuenta para los analisis, figuran Altingiaceae, Araucariaceae, Balsaminaceae, Casuarinaceae, Colchicaceae, Cupressaceae, Cycadaceae, Liliaceae, Moringaceae, Musaceae, PandanaceaePedaliaceae, Pinaceae, Pittosporaceae, Plumbaginaceae, Saxifragaceae y Taxodiaceae.

The present study is based upon the behavioral models with crude extract and without any associated neurochemical pandancaeae. For determination of the dose of LD 50seven-week-old male and female albino mice, weighing between g were used.

PO produced a marked pandanacae in motor coordination in mice where the animals were unable to remain on the rotating rod. La familia Nartheciaceae tuvo tendencia a estar asociada con Pandanales en lugar de estarlo con Dioscorealesque es donde se la ubica hasta agosto de