Jeanne Guyon discovers the great difference between praying to God and experiencing God through prayer. In this inspirational book she shares secrets of this. Madame Jeanne Guyon discovered the great difference between praying to God, and experiencing God through prayer. She shares the secrets of this higher. Lisa Donovan’s thoughts and quotes from. Experiencing God through Prayer. By Madame Jeanne Marie Guyon (). Although her writings must be read.

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Published December 31st by Whitaker Distribution first published June buyon Want to Read saving…. The soul certainly enjoys transcendent blessedness, and finds that God is more intimately present to it than it is to itself. This way is not dangerous.

Experiencing God Through Prayer : Madame Guyon :

All it does is to remain firm in its passive consent, enduring as patiently as possible all these divine operations, which it is neither able nor desirous to obstruct. I didn’t like it. As to those who have arrived at this more advanced state, I exhort them to follow these instructions, and not to vary their simple occupations even on approaching the communion; let throuth remain in silence, and suffer God to act freely. To stop in the former, which are weak and of little profit, is to debar ourselves of the latter; as to attempt gyyon latter without having passed through the former, is a exprriencing less considerable error.

The goldsmith cannot now discover any adulterate mixture, because of its perfect purity and simplicity. For the divine will is preferable to every other good.

Book Review: “Experiencing God through Prayer” by Madame Guyon (The Prayer Foundation)

Please report typographical errors to the Site Stewards. A stone held in the hand is no sooner disengaged than by its own weight it falls to mada,e earth as to its centre; so also water and fire, when unobstructed, flow incessantly towards their centre. They give themselves only to be caressed, and wrest themselves back again, theough they are crucified; or at least turn for consolation to the creature.

What, then, does God do? Again it is clear that she was motivated by the love of Christ and had much wisdom to share, and I am blessed because I read it. For the senses have no other spring whence to derive their vigor than the application of the soul to themselves, the degree of their life and activity being proportioned to the degree of attention which the soul bestows upon them.

We must therefore continue steadfast and immovable therein, without listening to the voice of natural reason. If you are looking for a deeper walk with the Lord, this book is anointed and will help you pull into a fresh anointing of prayer with Him.

O that you would but once marame the trial! Such is the scrutiny of Him who suffers no evil to be concealed; and the only way is to turn simply to God, and bear the pain and correction He inflicts. Though we are not all called to the ministry of Christian Writer, we are all called by God to share our faith witness with those who are not Christians.


To teach man to seek God in his heart, to think of Him, to return to Him whenever he finds he has wandered from Him, and to do and suffer all things with a single eye to please Him, is leading the soul to the source of all grace, and causing it to find there everything necessary for sanctification. I would suggest read a chapter and practice what is written.

This is the reason why some, not expressing themselves properly, say, that they make no acts; gor it is a mistake, for they were never more truly or nobly active; they should say, that they did not distinguish their acts, and not that they did not act.

The business of those that fod advanced to the degree of which we now treat, is to lay their whole souls open before God, who will not fail to enlighten them, and enable them to see the peculiar nature of their faults. He has even promised to come and make his abode with him that doeth his will.

Reference Note to Modern Readers: I SAY further, that, in any other way, it is next to impossible to acquire a perfect mortification of the senses and passions. But when God begins to burn, destroy, and purify, the soul does not perceive that these operations are intended for its good, but rather supposes the contrary; and, as the gold at first seems rather to blacken than brighten in the fire, so it conceives that its purity is lost; insomuch, that if an active and explicit consent were then required, the soul could scarcely give it, nay would often withhold it.

He is more desirous of giving Himself to us than we are to possess Him; we only need to know how to seek Him, and the way is easier and more natural to us than breathing. We often bear the cross in weakness, at other times in strength; all should be alike to us in the will of God. Paul, in the same passage, founds that necessity on our ignorance with respect to what we pray for: When they find that the will should be employed in loving, they will desire to love, and will implore Him for his LOVE ; but all this will take place sweetly and peacefully: Paul, “is one spirit.

Shake off, then, all self-interest, and live by faith and abandonment; here it exleriencing that genuine faith prayeg truly to operate. When by an act of lively faith, you are placed in the presence of God, read some truth wherein there is substance; pause gently thereon, not to employ the reason, but merely to fix the mind; observing that the principal exercise should ever be the presence of God, and that the subject, therefore, should rather serve to stay the mind, than exercise it in reasoning.


You must, then, learn a species of prayer which may be exercised at all times; which does not obstruct outward employments; which may be equally practised by princes, kings, prelates, priests and magistrates, soldiers and children, tradesmen, laborers, women, and sick persons; it is not the prayer of the head, but OF THE HEART.

She had numerous visitors of all ranks, some from foreign praywr, and had a considerable correspondence.

Experiencing God Through Prayer

Those who tread these paths should be informed of a matter respecting their confession, in which they are apt to err. Jesus Christ, to whom we are abandoned, and whom we follow as the way, whom we hear as the truth, and who animates us as the life John xiv. I shall here use this latter appellation, as being more just than that of contemplation, which implies a more advanced state than that I am now treating of.

Augustine, “and then do what you please. This kind of introversion is very easy and advances the soul naturally, and without effort, because God is our centre. Be the first to ask a question about Experiencing God Through Prayer. We must forget ourselves, and all self-interest, and listen and be attentive to God ; these two simple actions, or rather passive dispositions, produce the love of that beauty, which He himself communicates. O ye exoeriencing of his grace! Whoever loves God loves all that appertains to him.

If we become discouraged, we are the more enfeebled; and from our reflections on our imperfections, a chagrin arises, which is often worse than the imperfections themselves.

All ex;eriencing is of man and of his doing, be it never so noble, never so exalted, must first be destroyed. Without setting up our opinions above those of others, we mean only with sincerity to declare, from our own experience and the experience of others, the happy effects produced by thus simply following after the Lord.

This is our proper course interiorly, and a short time will advance us by the divine impulsion farther than many reiterated acts of self-exertion. Thus it is said, “to serve God is to reign.

But the affinity of her doctrines with those of Michael Molinos, who was condemned insoon worked against her.