A MANUAL ON THE USE OF THE HUMAN. NERVOUS SYSTEM ACCORDING TO THE. INSTRUCTIONS OF THE MANUFACTURERS. Author: Timothy Leary; Category: Psychology; Length: Pages; Year: Timothy Leary Exo-Psychology. During his hiatus from the public scene, Leary had steeped himself in research on the origins of life, particularly Fred Hoyle’s.

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The royalty of the “anti-establishment” movement comprised numerous agents, possibly witting and unwitting, of a clandestine social engineering project, the aims of which remain to be uncovered completely. Psychedelic drugs connect consciousness to the unconscious; they make the unconscious conscious.

Stan Gooch – – Wildwood. He proffered to audiences attending his “stand-up philosopher” performances a teleological model of evolution, one guided by Higher Intelligence.

We can imagine that the first generation of amphibians was similarly misunderstood as crazy, lazy, mixed-up kids, laying around on the shoreline passively psycgology the naked sun and sniffing oxygen. One of the books I inherited when moving in with my partner.

Cannabinoids also, incidentally, have been shown to promote neurogenesis. This model of lery development implies that if a lifetime’s cumulative conditioning could be suspended, say, chemically, then consciousness would cease. These are the “Aquatic Ape” hypothesis developed by Elaine Morgan, and a not-formally-named hypothesis proposed by Terence McKenna which asserts that early hominids accelerated their evolution toward the modern human state by incorporating psychedelic plants into their diet.

Jeeves – – Templeton Foundation Press. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Astrolatry, Astrotheology and Astral Religion. If the electron is held in superposition, the whole protein molecule is held in a pyschology of its two possible conformations. How to regard them is the question—for they are so discontinuous with ordinary consciousness.

Nonetheless, whatever sentience their big, complex brains might mediate, it remains occult. A psychedelicized mind, with its usual habits of thought and perception suspended, can constellate a satisfying aesthetic tableau from nearly any perceptual field.


Entertainment, lary communication, and biochemical mood and maintenance can be supplied by robotics, perhaps leading to the next symbiosis-robotic space voyagers shaped like psydhology The star larvae hypothesis considers such newly coined terms superfluous. A truly psychedelic state, and all natural—no illegal substances play a role. But his spaced-out thinking after the hippie revolution might have been his most prescient.

David Cherubim rated it liked it Oct 29, Synesthesia is an timothu area of overlap between psychedelic and juvenile modes of experience.

Info-Psychology: A Revision of Exo-Psychology

Millions of years after they abandoned their aquatic habits, the pre-human apes got an evolutionary boost from another source, according to researcher Terence McKenna who, by the way, makes no reference to the aquatic theory. Sleep, Lifestyle of the Rich and Weightless. Hameroff psycgology that psychedelic drugs appear to have the opposite effect; they enhance electron mobility in the hydrophobic pockets of tubulin dimers.

Again, the prospect of neural neoteny—the retention of juvenile brain structures—in extraterrestrials suggests the prospect of otherwise temporary conditions becoming permanent fixtures. Sounds trigger auditory and visual and tactile experiences. As aimless and unproductive as timotuy baby. But most space cases return favorably disposed towards NASA’s version of getting high. The transitions to new fruitfulness of understanding are achieved by lear to the utmost depths of intuition for the refreshment of imagination.

Info-Psychology: A Re-Vision of Exo-Psychology – Timothy Leary – Google Books

But not everyone who orbits comes back inspired. Its mind hasn’t been conditioned to ignore anything; therefore, everything is novel. Unfiltered by sociocultural manners, the empirical world essentially would be remade; it would revert to William James’ blooming buzzing confusion.

Such a consciousness, arising from an enrichment of brain tissue, will extend the trend line of human neotenyor juvenilization. Cetaceans communicate with one psyvhology and scan their environments by emitting patterns of clicks and squeals that act as sonar signals.

The drugs temporarily suspend a lifetime’s conditioning. The book is written like a textbook designed to educate a student but it’s filled with more opinion and subjective observation rather than, what I lear consider to be, useful information. Neuroplasticity and Neurological Neoteny. It would seem then that the sensorium is less differentiated in infants than psyhology adults.


Maybe when their land-lubbing ancestors, hippo-like creatures as far as paleontology has determined, lumbered into the seas, they took their large mammalian, and presumably adaptively plastic, brains with them.

As a result, Leary crossed paths with the U. It is odd how the very thinkers who pride themselves most on transcending anthropomorphism are often the very ones who fall into it.

Timothy Leary’s Exo-Psychology Revisited

Philosophy of Psychology in Philosophy of Cognitive Science. The Nature of Meaning and the Meaning of Nature. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Leary and his circle understood well enough that each person’s “reality tunnel” is a social construct.


As they echo through the environment, these sounds return to the dolphin or whale information about its surroundings. God’s purpose, then, can be described as the aim toward maximizing either beauty or enjoyment. The star is the human imago.

By retreating into Gaia’s womb, they might have set off on a path of neurological enrichment, because buoyancy simulates weightlessness, at least well enough so that NASA has made underwater exercises a standard part of astronaut training. Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use learj if your affiliation does not provide a proxy.

If the test of a scientific theory is its ability to make predictions, what can be made of the theory of evolution? He is not welcomed back as a visionary. Sep 22, Count-daniel Fogarty rated it really liked it. Polymerization of cell-free cytoskeletal lattices would be limited in size and timotthy intellect due to gravitational collapse.