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I wish to be clearly understood, and yet not to offend the most delicate or fastidious; for God is my judge that my sole aim is to teach certain truths, whose mission is to stop the tide of crime, misery and wretchedness now devastating our land.

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On the other hand, many who wear the Phallic sign of gender are no more men in soul, than is the little romping lass of five brief summers a full-grown, full-blown woman. New fire, strange blood, has inspired him with fresh passion, and he don’t care for the old wife, in presence of the new harlot; and so he abuses one, and lavishes all he has on the other. fulis

This generates discord and despair, general unhappiness, and is almost sure to drive the man to the house of the strange Woman, and his wife either to insanity, the grave, or the arms of a lover who can affiliate with her to some extent, at least hiwtory the external or mainly sensuous plane; and the upshot of the matter is divorce and two wretched lives. Here and there I got—not a new idea of it, but suggestions which led me to investigate and explore. If I could, I certainly would have every male over fifteen witness just such a redemptive and impressive scene; and would take every boy through the wards of a hospital for syphilides.

But there she lay, poor child, upon the long work-table of good Simon Scott, the carpenter, all pale and delicate as finest Parian marble or wax-work, and beautiful! I of her, and that experience, learned—not directly, but by suggestion—the fundamental principle of the White Magic of Love; subsequently I became affiliated histtory some dervishes and fakirs of whom, by suggestion still, I found the road to other knowledges; and of these devout practicers of a simple, but sublime and holy magic, I obtained additional clues—little threads of suggestion, which, being persistently followed, led my soul into labyrinths of knowledge themselves did not even suspect the existence of.

D” after their names; folks who eke out a good living by putting medicines, of which they know little, into bodies whereof they know less.

It is not yet too late to retrieve, and by one of those rapid and eccentric movements in literature, which the great genius of Bonaparte was wont to receive in war, to change the whole features of the campaign. Voluntarily free this simpleton from the chafing thrall that binds her to one whose purse, not person, is all historu earth she cares for. Turn the page and behold a Christ, St. But that’s not the worst of it yet; for the offspring of January is sure to be nearly as calcareous as its father.

On the morning alluded to, as I breathed upon it, a thick, heavy, black, portentous cloud obscured its face, followed by a silvery sheen, indicative of coming trouble, hatred, folly, error, succeeded by happiness and contentment; but I actually forgot all that, nor recalled it till after the approaching drama was ended,—a drama strange and weird, fraught with pain unutterable, inexpressible, almost unendurable; yet whose results or fruitage was as ripe pomegranates are to the thirsty pilgrims, or the cool, bubbling waters to the parched lips of the Arab on the burning sands of Sahara.


Now, whoever supposes that the ignorance alluded to is confined solely to the masses,—sometimes spellable as “them asses,” according to Carlyle ,—or that the sum total of non-knowledge must be looked for among the unread, unlettered and unwashed crowds that throng the great highways of the world, and whose struggles for life, and clamors for histort, occupy most of their time and attention,—will find him or herself most wofully mistake; for a far less dense and conglobate ignorance upon matters of vital import to every human being exists among the people—the hlstory crowd who jostle each other everywhere, and which is the plastic material that the brainful few mould into voters, hero-worshippers, or send to fight their battles against each historyy, armed with ploughs or rifles, pitchforks or bayonets, cannons or spades—than is to be found in circles making very lofty pretensions, not only to knowledge, but to morality also, from its geologic base to its astronomic summit.

Desire is always first metaphysical before it is material in human kind; but when the conscience and moral poles arc reversed, the spark that explodes the mental flame may be, and often is, sent from the body first to the soul.

Readermine, I am about to treat herein the grandest subject that ever engaged or challenged human thought. I watched this with astonishment.

Millions do the accursed thing to-day that they may be childless, as indeed they deserve to be; for he who does that heinous wrong commits a quadruple crime, against his wife, himself, nature and God; to say nothing about the right of all souls to be incarnated by the act of man. Early in life I discovered that the fact of my ancestry on one side, being what they were, was an effectual estoppal on my preferment and advancement, usefulness and influence.

Behold those monsters of historg and cruelty, whose insatiable appetite of ambition and pride, wealth and power, could not appease, and for whose maw the quivering flesh and trickling blood of a ths became food. Perchance what you see is, after all, but a fevered dream, begotten of your depressed nervous state, morbidity of fancy and loneliness, combined with the suspicions kindled by the strange questions asked upon the eve of her departure many days ago, and greatly strengthened by unwisely worded letters sent back by her; and made still stronger by her six weeks’ utter silence—in itself good cause for suspicion, for every husband has a right to know his wife’s whereabouts, her surroundings and the company she keep; and if she does not keep him thus informed, he has fair and just grounds to infer that her actions are such as ought to be hidden from his gaze, and also from that of humanity at large.

In the truly human being—the non-savage and non-barbaric specimens of the races— marriage never degrades the parties either in their own or each other’s eyes; but it purifies the heart and soul, uplifts them to the Father, is really Pulchritudinem Divitiis Conjunctamas it ever should be, that is, Beauty and Divinity joined as one; it therefore becomes in this og light, instantly, the holiest and most effective of all possible prayers, hence the most potent and tremendous energy and agency in the entire material and hyperphysical universe.


They marry, and, to their first surprise, and subsequent horror, discover that for all the purposes of matrimony one is oil, the other water, without a particle of mental lime to combine and fuse the wulis together, and thereby form a true kalsomate of soul. Hope you will like it og give your comments and suggestions.

It so happened that he euliw one of a jury of inquest over the dead body of poor Maria Lee, a child of sixteen summers, whom a rich merchant of Loudon had betrayed, and then procured a double murder at the hands of an abortionist. Matt McDonough marked it as to-read Jul 19, Who of them all has given us the rationale of the orgasm—the why and wherefore, or ot cause of its being a thing of apparently no moment whatever at certain times, and under circumstances: Waiteestablishing the earliest known Rosicrucian order in the United States.

In beasts the offspring and parents become disunited at maturity; in the human, the practical relationship lasts not only to the gates of the grave, but leaps the barriers of death, and flourishes in the far-off heaven; and will till the universe grows old, and Time himself topples or hoary age.

Eulis, the History of Love

There’s room for more. The dust of a million years has gathered here, hhe no voice has awakened its echoes since the days when the Indian Bacchus consorted with the daughters of men. A vast amount of “physiological” chaff is current in the world, originating in the pulpy brains of certain people with “M. They were fragments of this philosophy which, perverted by the strong historu of Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras, became alike the systems of their schools, the Portico, the Grove, and the Garden.

In the lower kingdoms nature does her best to produce a superior grade of body. Every carnal association affects us, leaves its hlstory on us and the other; and some there be who will be astonished that their whole career was turned on earth in consequence of such or such an act—fact; and that defeat followed them in after life by reason eulsi the invisible presence of some wronged victims, married or not.

BookDB marked it as to-read Aug 27, And so I lay upon the lounge and quaffed the euljs, delicious milk, and I drought about the Woman and tthe Man; and, as I did so, I fell into a sort of magnetic trance and clairvoyance—a habit familiar, seeing that the power to do so was born with me; and by its euliis I have a thousand times been able to see afar off, and to glimpse things denied to mortal vision. Kessinger Publishing, LLC, The thoughts which I gave to the world, that world paid me for, as it always has paid for benefits.

A true negro never reaches a stage of mental development enabling him to master metaphysics; nor at maturity does he ever surpass in capacity the adolescent average Anglo-Saxon; but in the power of maintaining love at high tide he can discount all the white races of the globe!