Karen Miller’s Empress, the first in the Godspeaker trilogy, is a book of epic high fantasy to a slave to a knife-dancer to wife of the warlord to Empress of Mijak. [singlepic id=61 w= h= float=right]. If you are looking for dark fantasy, look no further. Empress by Karen Miller, first in her Godspeaker. This is the world that Karen Millar has built in Empress. While incredibly interesting the world is built almost lazily, changing at times to fit the.

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Beyond the fact that every character believes themself to be following the god’s will, and hoping they’ve mijal it right, there is precious little introspection, and even less sympathy. More importantly, all that religion comes at the cost of individual insight and development. I did feel the book was a bit depressing and really I could have done with the swearing and cussing cut in half.

I would think this would be a terrible place and culture to belong to Heartbroken, Hekat runs and joins Et-Raklion Warlord’s army through the help of the nameless god, and pity to those who stand in her way, because Hekat will not be tamed. Hekat is a very strong character; she is arrogant, she is unflinching in her loyalty to her god, and she is determined to conquer the world.

Jul 22, Ivette rated it did not like it Shelves: There wasn’t even any struggles to get what she wanted. It is very difficult to read, but darn it, it is sooooooo poignant and original, I feel lucky to have fallen onto it! It is unapologetically violent and barbaric, being set amongst a war-like culture, yet is also steeped in the grandeur of ancient tradition and the flare of Babylonian-like artistry.

In that respect, the above confusions are deeply realistic. After 18 grueling months I woke up, and came home. There are flashes throughout the story that this might be so, or at the very least, that it is possible for individual characters to act on their own impulses while believing themselves emprsss be divinely e,press, but never more than that.


But Hekat was not born to be a slave. We hear, in passing, that one female warrior was killed at Hekat’s fo because she couldn’t accept that Hekat was now her superior, and e,press the final, grotesque pages of the book, Hekat cuts an unborn child out of her daughter-in-law to punnish her son miiak his defiance.

However, I went ahead and bought them all together. Fourth, the last pages of the novel are sickening. Which is where, for me, the book really started to fall down. She hurts people and enjoys it.

As a od who rises from lowly beginnings to rule a nation with strength and cunning, some have compared her to Theodora of the Byzantine Empire. This book had the most inconsistent time line imaginable. Kudos to Karen Miller for doing something that I have been ranting about for too long.

Empress of Mijak: The Villain Protagonist

Please review your cart. Emprdss conclusion is this; while not terrible there are a lot of reasons to dislike this book other than unlikable characters.

Posted by Spencer McLean at Empress Godspeaker Trilogy 1 by Karen Miller. In this context, we are introduced to a nameless, oof girl who, in the opening scene, hides under a table as her violent, stupid father rapes her mother, all while beating her and complaining that she keeps giving birth to useless she-brats and not enough sons. The concept of this sounded great.

The God-Stone War Book 4. I somehow doubt that I’m missing much.

Miller weaves these themes together with undeniable skill, then invites you to ignore them altogether. Who rapes her on the insistence that she should birth him more sons to plough the fields in a dry desert wasteland known as the Anvil.

I’m waiting for her to die. Halfway through the novel, the light went on: It was a great and troubling experience to live mijam her head for that slice of time, but that last little bit of difference and distance stops the novel from being truly revolutionary smpress its point of view.


There were times I wanted bad things to happen to her just so she’d get off her high horse. The story has a lot of opportunities to explore some of its themes on a deeper level, but instead it just skims along the surface of the plot. I am not one that usually dwells on writing style but it was pretty bad in this case. Here, I read the entire novel from cover to cover and was enthralled in this fanta Karen Miller has succeeded in what other authors have failed at. She insinuates herself into the barracks of the local warlord and eventually inveigles her way into the ranks of warriors themselves—no mean feat for someone born in a backwater and malnourished and mistreated all her life.

Momentous events, like the conquest and subordination of enemy cities, happen in the space of paragraphs, their success glossed over as background detail. Miller has crafted a world and society so alien to her readers, and done so with such a loving attention to detail that it borders on author masochism, that it is difficult to imagine how anyone could relate to it.

My Life In Neon | Empress of Mijak: The Villain Protagonist

Empress itself is a totally engrossing work of fiction with political intrigue, betrayal, godly intervention, war and much more. The sympathy her childhood s Despite the single star I gave it, I’m tempted to recommend this to serious fans of the fantasy genre, as a case study.

I mimak never scared of Sauron, because he was a nameless, faceless, and rather boring “character” – he didn’t exist. Unfortunately, the story itself does not do justice to the villain-as-hero paradigm shift.