Eagle Electronics Installation and Operation Instructions Fish-finding Sonars & Mapping GPS FishElite , SeaCharter DF. FishElite Fish Finder pdf. Eagle FishElite Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Eagle FishElite Installation And Operation Instructions Manual. Fish Finder pdf manual download. Also for: Seafinder See for Eagle Eagle FishElite Installation And Operation Instructions Manual pages.

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From the Sonar Page, press 2. At right, Sonar Page in full sonar chart display mode.

With the boat at rest in the water, the first thing you should do is turn all electrical equipment on the boat off. Hulls With Floatation Materials cishelite It does this by changing the sensitivity of the receiver,decreasing it near the surface and gradually increasing it as the depthincreases. Options List for customizing Digital Data boxes. How low should you go? Split Fizhelite Sonar Chart seacharter df Only Map Page with two map windows, at right.

Simply move the cursor over a trail and a pop-up box appears. This unit can actually search quicker without a city and you save time by not entering a city name.


Testing Determines Best Location The Edit Waypoint menu appears.

Eagle is one of the first sonar manufacturers to provide this fishelits of training tool for customers. If this hap- pens, place the unit in the manual mode, then change the range to a realistic one, for example, feet and increase the sensitivity.

When it’s set at the desired level, press Depth Cursor The depth cursor consists of a horizontal line with a digital depth box on the right side. Before you grab the unit and begin installing it, please give us amoment or two to explain how our manual can help you get the bestperformance from your compact, wide-screen, combination fish finderand mapping GPS receiver. This unit has reverse polarity protection. Page 57 At left, Pages Menu, showing sonar chart display option commands.

There is a common exception to these rules of thumb. We reserve the right to do so without notice.

Eagle FishElite 480 Manuals

The outer edges of this white corridor represent lines that show the current cross track error range. The in- structions presented in Sec. How this manual can get you out on the road, fast! However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase. Make sure the power cable is wired properly.


To view tide information: Ifyou wish, you can customize the Speed data box to display ClosingSpeed instead. Attaching transducer to transom. It takes four satellites to determine both position and elevation your height above sea level — also called altitude.

Page 83 To adjust Sensitivity: Page 73 Sonar Features menu with Fish I. Page 73 Sonar Features menu with Fish I. Set the first route waypoint: When you zoom in to a sufficiently small zoom range, the icon itself be- comes an animated arrow showing tidal current velocity and direction for the selected tidal station at the present time.


Pressing it again quadruples the size of the echoes 4X. If the bottom is lost athigh speed, or if noise appears on the display, try sliding the transducer bracket down.

Manuall other words, Fish I.