Founded in , Dytran Instruments, Inc. specialized at its inception in piezoelectric accelerometers, dynamic force sensors, pressure transducers and impulse. Dytran Basic Tutorial. Peking: Peking University Press, International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering ( CSSE Installed HUMS Base. Dytran sensors are installed on the following airframes for HUMS applications. Dytran Instruments, Inc. 2.

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Choose types of results Only a subset of the available results need to be translated. The energy content of the signal is then measured using three different methods: Compute the RMS level of the signal C. Gutorial Archive files will have extension. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Choose specifics time during the analysis, or all times Results can be translated for tutoriaal specific time.

THS Restartoutput files will have extension. Dytran archive- and time history files can be translated to input files for: Dytran as it executes.

It must be available in the area from where the job is submitted. Script will look for file: Dytran specific data and use the include option to read dytdan data file written by the translator. Dytran computer program is proprietary to the MSC. Chapter 7 Introduction to Procedures. All persons authorized to access dyfran programs are required to hold them in confidence and take all steps necessary to prevent their disclosure and unauthorized access.

Gaps in the numbers are allowed. Executable produced will be used to perform the calculation.


Only tuforial elements with elasto-plastic materials do have access to the additional data for output purposes.

This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Internal—Use the built-in excitation source of the device. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Typically this will include: Back to Top 3. Registration Forgot your password? Click Finish and you should see the following screen in MAX: To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Any numbering system can be used Choose a numbering system for the grid points, elements and other entries that is convenient.

Choose parts of the model A subset of the model can be translated upon chosen element numbers. Back to Top 4. When you have chosen your module, check the Limit Results to Hardware box. Triaxial accelerometers have three outputs, one axis to one acquisition channel, each requiring its own signal conditioning. Default is the JobId. A virtual channel is a concept of the NI-DAQmx driver architecture used to represent a collection of device property settings that can include a name, a physical channel, input terminal connections, the type of measurement or generation, and scaling information.

For multiple channels, hold down the Shift key and select all the channels being used. This value is in the units you specify with the sensitivity units input. History of Computers 1. None—Supply no excitation to the virtual channel.

MSC SimCompanion – Dytran User’s Guide

You can use MAX to quickly verify the accuracy of your measurement system setup. Filter by element position A subset of the rutorial can be translated based upon the maximum and minimum x- y- and z-coordinate.


The shell of the connector, AI- provides the excitation return path and the signal ground reference.

OUT output Parameter with which you can specify the prefix to be used for all output files. Specify the excitation value Iex Value A. OUT MSG – Errors Contains basic syntax errors encountered while reading the data and error and tktorial messages as the input is checked for consistency.

Making Acceleration Measurements With NI LabVIEW

Select ai0 or whichever physical channel you have connected to your accelerometer. Restarts – Continue if everything is OK Restarting is very simple and just continues the analysis. OUT continued Version 4. Compute the power spectrum and then find the power in band B.

You see the acceleration value of your measurement displayed at the top of the screen. This is the reference value used when results are computed in decibels. However, additional computer memory is required to store the missing entries. Central processing unit c. RST Log file summarizing tuyorial information: Like Archive- and Time History files, any number of Restart files can be created, identified with the jobname, logical name and timestep number when data was first written to the file.

Follow these steps to begin: Type in the dB Reference value. THS Binary restart files: