Combining history, sociology, and political commentary, Sarmiento explores the Facundo, Or, Civilization and Barbarism Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. A classic work of Latin American literature, Domingo Sarmiento’s Facundo has become an integral part of the history, politics, and culture of Latin America since . opposing values of Civilization and Barbarism. It was suggested that 1 Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Facundo: Civilización y barbarie, El Libro de. Bolsillo.

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Facundo – Wikipedia

Mayordomo of Copiapo Mines. Sin embargo no por eso deja de ser espectacular. France’s blockade had lasted for two years, and the ‘American’ government, inspired by ‘American’ spirit, was facing off with France, European principles, European pretensions. Jul 24, Marie rated it it was ok. Oct 19, Agustina. Official Force in San Juan. The book brought him far more than just literary recognition; he expended his efforts and energy on the war against dictatorships, specifically that of Rosas, and contrasted enlightened Europe—a world where, in his eyes, democracy, social services, and intelligent thought were valued—with the barbarism of the gaucho and bararism the caudillo, the ruthless strongmen of nineteenth-century Dmoingo.

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In the book’s final chapters, Sarmiento explores the consequences of Facundo’s death for the history and politics of the Argentine Republic. Caudillos like Facundo Quiroga are seen, at the beginning of the book, as the antithesis of education, high culture, and civil stability; barbarism was like a never ending litany of social ills. This division was in part a split between the city and the countryside.

Facundo: or Civilization and Barbarism

Buenos Aires was exposed not only to trade but to fresh ideas and European culture. On the parts that I thought would be of the utmost importance they were explained in very vague terms which half the time I did not know what he was getting at. Inwhen Unitarist Bernardino Rivadavia became the governor of the Buenos Aires province, he held a meeting with representatives from all provinces in Argentina.


At times, one just shakes one’s head in fascinated disbelief like the account of the general who loses a battle because he is lassoo’d from his horse while leading from the front Facundo begins with a geographical description of Argentina, from the Andes in the west to the eastern Atlantic coast, where two main river systems converge at the boundary between Argentina and Uruguay.

Civilization and Barbarism

During his presidency, Sarmiento concentrated on migration, sciences, and culture. The Cantor, or Minstrel. Don’t cry for me Argentina could be Facundo’s epitaph, but one could weep for the tragedies he caused – and not least because their long shadow extends as far as our own day. Letter to Juana Manso. A modern and complete translation by Kathleen Ross appeared in from the University of California Press.

School of La Patria. He contrasts the civilization of the cities with the barbarism of sarmienot hinterlands, especially of the gauchos.

Refresh and try again. For the village in Argentina, see Facundo Chubut. There are relative few works of politics and history that can be regarded as great literature. During the Argentine civil war he fought against Facundo barbarims times, and while in Spain he became a member of the Literary Society of Professors. They display their eagerness to prove their physical strength with horsemanship and knife fights. Needless to say, his prejudice was not enjoyable, but the book was an interesting encounter with an important author of the time and his ideas.

These economic and cultural differences caused tension between Buenos Aires and the land-locked regions of the country. The Violent Death of Cities.


Facundo by Domingo Faustino Sarmiento – Paperback – University of California Press

What does this mean? Argentinian political history of the early to mid-nineteenth century, detailing the barbarism of the Rosas regime via a colorful brbarism of the life and times of notorious caudillo Facundo Quiroga May 02, Daniel rated it liked it Recommends it for: Account Options Sign in.

Other editions – View all Facundo: The social results of the French blockade, however, had been fruitful for the Argentine Republic, and served to demonstrate in all their nakedness the current state of mind and the new elements faustion struggle, which were to ignite a fierce war that can end only with the fall of that monstrous government.

Facundo is not only a critique of Rosas’s dictatorship, but a broader investigation into Argentine history and culture, which Sarmiento charts through the rise, controversial rule, and downfall of Juan Facundo Quiroga, an archetypical Argentine caudillo. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I din’t really get on with this very well. No eBook available Penguin. Books by Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. Civilization and Barbarism original Spanish title: May 21, Lena Gilmore rated it it was ok Shelves: Sarmiento then moves on to the Argentine peasants, who are “independent of all need, free of all subjection, with no idea of government”.

Estefi I don’t think than this book could like you.

By the end ofthe legislature had appointed Rosas as governor of Buenos Aires.