DEMOLAY RITUAL BOOK PDF – Ritual of Secret Work of the Order of DeMolay on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. DeMolay, but not be. DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work . Junior Squire moves directly to the Round Table and places the book in the. Get this from a library! Ritual degrees and ceremonials of the Order of Demolay.. [ DeMolay (Organization). International Supreme Council.].

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When they are in position, M. When all candidates have kissed the Bible, lights are slowly raised to full. Marshal of the Commission, you will conduct this stubbo rn fool to the Junior Inquisitor. Brother Senior Deacon, you will escort the new Brothers to seats.

DeMolay – DeMolay Degree

Brother Senior Councilor, what have you learned sitting in the West? Brother Senior Councilor, you will call the Officers to line. After the pledge of secrecy has been given and non-Masonic adults rituall been seared, the Master Councilor shall proceed. You were admitted as friends when you expressed your approval of our purposes. Chapters should devise a method for characters to exit whether the degree is performed on the stage or in a Lodge room. Brother Master Councilor, this Chapter is safe from interruption.

DeMolay – Initiatory

Nay, DeMolay, we do not desire thy life and we hold it only us the pawn of thy prudence. Wreak thou thy will upon me for I despair of the Justice of men and even the face of God doth seem to be turned away. Only the Stewards give step, sign and token boko three separate movements.

X is the station of the Officer s being directed. Brother Senior Deacon, you will conduct the Brothers to the East. At the inner door, inside the Chapter room. If a stake scene is used, it is suggested that both DeMolay and Auvergne be tied to the same stake in a final symbol of their brotherho o d. Active DeMolays, except Mar. Sir Master Inquisitor, one knocks at the door of the Inquisition Chamber. Stewards stand by candidates.


Brother Standard Bearer, you will present the flag of our country at the Altar.


Lights should be extinguished, leaving only candles burning and Altar spot, if any, on full Officers except Stewards begin moving to form Shield.

When all Officers are at their stations. I now extend to you the right hand of lasting fraternity. We can force others of thy brotherhood who are in our power to do this, but we prefer to deal first with thee Accede to our demands and thy life is saved.

May we ever realize that we are brothers of the helpless and suffering and rejoice in every call to the relief of pain or the alleviation of sorrow. Brother Junior Deacon, you will see that the Sentinel is on duty and direct him to guard us from intrusion. In communicating the sign in open meeting, only the first move will be employed.

The candidates should be instructed in a brief outline of what is to take place in the Degree. An Officer directed rtiual move X Z, moves directly forward from his station to the walking band, except The Councelors, Scribe and Treasurer will move by the most direct route to walking band, but around the pedestals or desks in their paths.

We have seized thy riches, but thou canst reveal the secrets of thine Order and disclose the identity of the brethren who have eluded us. The Orator should stand near and in fro n t of M.

You must approach the door of our Chapter in a serious frame of mind realizing that the solemn purpose of all our ceremonies is to impress upon your minds great truths of right living to aid you in deserving the good opinion of all right-thinking men.

Thou hast tasted the bitterness of the rack, but it is only one of the fangs wherewith our vengeance hath power to r e nd thee. We hail thee, noble martyr. Brother Junior Steward, you will remove the school books from the Altar. To join with those who are dedicated to the clean and manly youth which is the best preparation for the duties of afterlife.

Brethren, sitting in the East, symbol of the rising sun and the morn of life, I have learned the great lesson that we are at the threshold of the years of preparation when we must lay the foundation on which the future must be built.


I promise that I will be faithful to every trust committed to me, to every promise I shall make so far as is humanly possible; and that I will hold ever before me as a glorious example, the heroic fidelity of Jacques DeMolay and that of every other martyr who gave his life rather than betray a friend or be false to a trust.

If the Marshal is carrying a baton, he kneels placing the baton across his right leg, behind his right elbow; 2 the Standard Bearer does not kneel during the prayer in the Initiatory Degree Opening Ceremony. Their return from the West side of the Altar by way of the North to their stations would be noted: Our forefathers were well aware that religious liberty, represented by the Holy Bible, civil liberty, represented by the flag of our country, and intellectual liberty, represented by the school books, must go hand in hand in order to be effective.

We have failed completely, and you have been false to the teachings we have tried to make plain, if you still believe that your duties and responsibilities begin and end in the Chapter room; that you are a worthy member of this Order merely because you are punctual in attendance at our meetings, decorous in your conduct while among us, or proficient in the ritualism of our work.

The grip alludes to the three principal Officers of a Chapter, also to our duties to God, our parents and our country and to the wisdom of the ancient injunction that we should think twice before speaking once. Where is the station of the Senior Deacon? Deacons illustrate first move again, then drop it. This will prevent the ending from being anticlimactic.