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The novel has a fantastic-adventure character and the historical reality makes a scenery for fictional events. Lower Silesia and Prague during Hussite wars. As co-authors, but at the po,er time the authors of particular texts contributing to this publication, we differ in methodological choices and in the ways of presenting the results of our studies. Also, the second world war do not happen and nazi death camps are not created.

Orzyacki Andrzej Kmicic to witcher For a comparison, if we compare the data from trends. Books of alternative history have a different character.

Krzyzacki Poker- Powstaniec

Runa 28 Wyd. Skip to main content. But that how it is 5 See: SuperNova 11 Polish edition: Moreover, fantasy literature is, similarly to historiography, extraordinarily strongly interested in the question of causality, time 1 See: In the second half of the 20th century, sienkiewicz was still an author shaping the tastes of readers in a stronger way than contemporary writers.

This fixation of our imagination caused a situation in which we were experi- encing our century as if on another planet and as if little krzyqcki contem- porary thought had penetrated us7.

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However, their situation in the world, and the role which that need to play, is a bit different. The author not only performs quantitative operations on the data obtained, but he also recognizes their social, cultural and historical location.

In its orig- inal uncontaminated form this emanation used to embody maternal love, which, in a perverse state, is transformed into rapacity and de- structiveness what reshapes the order of hospitalers into a cruel war machine.

Click here to sign up. Sapkowski is also an ar- dent reader of sienkiewicz what is also emphasized in the mentioned interviews. Answering to this question, the authors express a belief about the necessity of complementary approach: Another version of living history gelebte Geschichteas an ex- pression of a kind of historical culture, is offered by a tradition started in the United States in the s. In the s, this popularity grew and crossed Polish borders thanks to the cycle of novels about witcher, and to a comic book and board games devoted to this character.


Studies on the Functions of History in Contemporary name and Place in time. Digital environment favors the appearance of new ways of interactive shaping of historical conscious- ness. Alternative histo- ry uses the increasing significance of the mode of participation which builds the popularity of computer games and web 2.

Although it shares at least declaratively many of symbolic values of its ancestors, however, it experiences the presence of history in the current times in a different way. Emila Plater was a heroine of the november Uprising known to Poles very well both from history and from literature.

He integrates dispersed and conflicted Polish diaspora and leads to religious rebirth by inciting the flame of faith through his powerful sermons. According the guesses of the english intellectual, the defeat of Poles would have opened the path for the Bolshevik revolu- tion to spread into entire europe weakened after the great war. Since then, anything new could have been liked by a Pole, anything being anti-Sienkiewicz or a-Sienkiewicz.

A new ice Age is coming to a large part of Asia and europe changing political, economic and social reality, and even physics, logic and philosophy. Among the awakened are the protagonists of the novel created by Domagalski but also those known from history. This is not the end of the fantastic aspects of the book.

After reading a new book I sometimes catch myself on not being able to remember the name of the main character6. An important component of many of the texts of alternative history is the historical revisionism visible in perceiving the real course of his- tory as, for some reasons, inappropriate or inequitable.

From Andrzej Kmicic to witcher a concrete time and space: An important model are here short stories and nov- els of H.

The last one is, in the alternative reality, not so much a prominent Polish poet and a bard, but rather an inexorable and fanatical politician ac- cusing the entrepreneur of selling patents for ether weapon to rus- sians who supposedly used the opportunity and pacified a Polish up- rising in Lithuania aimed at attaching that province to the Duchy of warsaw.


Anyway, violence and atrocities are distributed differently. The fate of the protagonists intertwine with dramatic historical events but their activities do not change the course of events know from historical elaborations.

In this approach, our category signifies representing histori- cal worlds by specialists and amateurs whose clothes and equipment allow to realistically present given time period and to create a kind of reconstruction.

He is a romantic protagonist for his maladjustment to the world, an impossible need of love, a sense of humor unacceptable by people, and, finally, a uniqueness described here as mutation.

Average interest measured in relative data, on a scale is therefore, in the case of Sienkiewicz 32 for a school month and 7 for a holiday month. Sienkiewicz is still one of the more recognized Polish authors, but the interest in him is now more connected with school routine than with individual literary choices. Creation of subsequent soviet republics is connected with murdering the elites and destroying civilization achievements.

Krzyżacki poker. T. 2 by Dariusz Spychalski | LibraryThing

The variables of the interest in these authors, measured by the frequency of entering questions into the google search engine, can be seen on the following chart: However, the prose he created belongs to the genre of historical fantasy, which is intensely developing both in Poland, as well as in other countries par- ticularly Russia.

Because of that, spychaslki conflict between Poland and Lithuania and the teutonic order is not only a historical, but also a mystical necessity.

Those, trans- forming into wolfs and gifted with superhuman speed and strength, arrive when summoned, but there are too few of them to be able to change the course of history. Andrzej Sapkowski, a writer and a representative of a generation for which reading trilogy was a common habit, confesses that: