Efecto del Cultivo e Incorporacion de Tagetes erecta L. Sobre la Poblacion e Infeccion de Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White) Chitwood en Chile ( Capsicum. Start Page: All titles: ” Cultivo del marigold: efecto en el control de nematodos “. ” Effect of nematode control when growing marigolds [Tagetes erecta, Chile]. Establecimiento de métodos de propagación para el cultivo de especies vegetales . The genus Tagetes is native to the New World and the species T. erecta.

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Because of the high market value of these products, the Brazilian growers are increasing the area of onion crops Martins et al.

Cultivo del marigold: efecto en el control de nematodos

Along the dee of this path, on both sides, there was a 50 m long and 0. Certain flavonoids have been found to act as auxin transport inhibitors that participate in regulating auxin flow in plant tissues Wasson et al. Revista Brasileira de Entomologiav. Despite culgivo higher variation, the number of entomophagous arthopods m -2 may explain this result, as the number of tagetez enemies was lower in plants localized far from marigold row, therefore resulting in higher amounts of herbivores.

Higher numbers of arthropod pests were observed in onion plants 30 m from the marigold strip, while higher numbers of predators and parasitoids were found at 5 m distance. A similar result was found for the second most abundant species, Therioaphis trifolii Hemiptera: While no numerical difference was observed, species composition varied greatly between flowering stages.

In spite of these similarities, the main phytophagous species collected, T.

Hence, we found higher diversity of both phytophagous and entomophagous species on onion plants close to marigold rows, but increased herbivore abundance and decreased natural tageetes abundance on onion plants at greater distances from marigold. Literature cited Acosta de la Luz, L.


Tagetes erecta

We sampled onion plants at 5 m near 30 m far and in the marigold plant strip. Experimental design and variables measured The experiment was conducted with a completely randomized design and a 3 x 3 factorial arrangement factors: Plant Cell Tissue Organ Cult.

This indicates a beneficial effect of marigold on the onion field, especially on the dynamics of the arthropod species, which varies as onion plants are collected from more distant marigold plants.

The effect of intercropping of pepper Capsicum annum L.

The establishment of propagation and micropropagation techniques for aromatic species that show promise as potential rrecta crops is important in order to ensure rapid reproduction to provide enough material for the high demand that can be generated in a production chain.

For some Lippia species that are in danger of extinction such as L.

Tagetes erecta – Wikispecies

There is one study that suggests the use of seeds for propagation of several wild species of Lippia from Brazil where asexual propagation methods have proved inefficient Pimenta et al. O papel da biodiversidade no manejo de pragas.

English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. The marigold strips were also sampled during the period of onion cultivation, and each sample corresponding to one square meter of crop coverage, using the same methodology as for onion plants.

Services on Demand Article. The cultivation of native plant species, with potential uses as spices, seasonings, and sources of essential oils EO and derived products in Colombia, is an excellent alternative for growers and has a potential application in agriculture such as biological control and industry. However, these plants, as is characteristic of native species that are often found in the wild, lack methods of propagation and agronomic management, which limits their use as potential new crops.



Seedlings, compost and biofertilizer were produced at the farm, and an irrigation system was used. Buletin Penelitian Hortikultura, v. Due to the low perceptibility and complexity of seed selection and management in these species, the propagation methods used for evaluation were vegetative asexual reproductionexcept for the species T.

Las semillas de T. University of Illinois Press, One of the main recommendations for organic tagets is the recovery of functional biodiversity, which is lost or very reduced in conventionally grown monocultures. Moreover, this study contributes to the identification of insect species occurring on both plants, providing basic information for further researches.

Biological control of insect pests in the Tropics.

In Vitro Cell Dev. For the entomophagous the similarities ccultivo bigger Table 2 ranging between 42 and We found evidence that marigold strip is supporting alternative prey and hosts, mainly from full blossom to the end of the flowering period, which are key components of conservation biological control. The mathematical theory of communication. In general, the accessions CA, CA, CA and CA showed better rooting percentage, root length, number of roots and root dry weight in the fine coconut fiber ccultivo and a higher number of roots with an exogenous application of 2, mg L -1 IBA.