The Pontine Islands are rich with Italian history, dating as far back as the rule of the Romans, with many of the ruins still on display today. Many of the attractions. cartina ponza – Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock. Informazioni su appartamenti in affitto, ristoranti, barche, webcam, eventi, hotel, affittacamere, bed and breakfast, notizie, meteo e nightlife.

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There are remains of Sol in his quadriga at top left; on the right, but lower, the figure of Luna standing in a chariot may be seen, drawn by a single horse looking back at Luna.

cartina ponza pdf download – PDF Files

Ponza has fishing and yachting harbor that can accommodate more or less boats. Drawing of the zodiac. Custom maps It’s possible to have Custom Maps. Notify me when available.

Stretching to a length of 1. Mediterranean nature, crystalline sea, bays and small harbors: The best landing stage is located at Punta del Varo, the headland which lies opposite Ponza. Fri Sep 25, 8: Although it does not take long to circumnavigate the island, even inexpe-rienced observers will appreciate how its rock formations differ from those of Ponza and Palmarola.

Located approximately 6 miles from the port of Ponza, the island of ZANNONE can on-ly be reached by private boat or one of the small craft offering day trips services to the island in summer. After heading offshore towards Scoglio Pallante and then back to the grottoes and caves of the Scoglio di San Silvestro, it is possible to see the Faraglione di San Silvestro, a rocky stack topped by a votive chapel dedicated to Saint Silverius, the patron saint of the island, and connected to the island by a low, cordon of rocks which the sea will probably break through in the not too distant future.


Cosma e Damiano Terracina Ventotene. Tourist road map of Tourist roadmap of the Ponza e Ventotene sono Comuni, gli isolotti sono disabitati. Drawing of entrance to Mithraeum. Discover the Med and the pleasure of mooring in a marvelous place between land and sea.

Anche la maggior parte dei grandi siti fanno lo stesso. The zodiac is painted yellow and has deteriorated towards the cult niche, but is otherwise well-preserved.

Isola di Ponza – Wikivoyage, guida turistica di viaggio

The highest hill of this Pontine islands is Monte Guardia. Ask for a quote. Who could help me? Continuing past the Faraglioni della Madonna stacks, which smaller vessels can leave on the port-hand side, as far as the strip of pebbly beach known as Parata degli Scotti which precedes the great stacks of the Faraglioni del Calzone Muto, it is soon possible to see the lighthouse located on top of the high Punta della Guardia.

In prehistoric times, the island of Zannone was used to process obsidian from Palmarola. Tourist roadmap of the entire territory of the island of Ponza with details of streets and localities on the island Size: This card can be customized according to your needs.

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File:Ponza 1 54500 mappa.png

These may be regarded as wind gods. The divisions dartina the zodiac suggest a date of the 3rd century AD. Some time beforea Mithraeum containing the remains of a zodiac was discovered on the tiny Italian island of Ponza.

It has however remained comparatively unknown and neglected. Reviews Click here to leave a review You need to be logged in csrtina be able to leave a review. I’ll be really very grateful.

Overlooked by a yellowy-white falaise of over m in height, upon which expert eyes will be able to identify all the various geological ages of the island, Chiaia di Luna beach concludes at Punta Capo Bianco, a wall of light grey tuff which reflects the light of the various hours of the day in a wide range of different colours.


To the right of this, on the pilaster, looking right, are the remains of a figure in Phrygian cap kneeling with arms outstretched, possibly part of the water-miracle. Mithras and Phanes Mithras and Christianity Modern myths: The lion-headed god Aion? Blog Archives There are not Archives yet. Ponza — Il centro principale dell’isola, distribuita ad anfiteatro sulle alture catina al porto nella parte orientale.

Tourist road map of the island of Ponza

The chamber is irregular L. The original entrance to the cave, via its northern side, is now partly obstructed by the foundations of the Palazzo. Ponaz About What’s new? It is currently accessed by a flight of 8 steps leading down to a platform, from which the cave can be entered. Inside a second circle is a snake.

Although the Tenente Di Fazio quay to the south of the port is only suitable for small pleasure craft as a result of its restricted draft, the new quay, which also runs along the southern side of the port, can accommodate vessels with a draft of up to 6 metres.

Cartin south-wards towards Punta Vardella, past the brightly coloured Cala Brigantina, the heavily eroded Scoglio Suvace and the imposing stacks and caves of Punta di Mezzogiorno, it is possible to admire the natural arch of Scoglio Cappello now known as Il Fucile whose architrave collapsed into the sea in the s following a particularly violent storm.

Mappa Isola di Ponza cartine, stradario e itinerari ; Scarica le mappe dei monumenti, delle attrazioni e dei pozna di interesse di Isola di Ponza