Valmiki, Vasistha and Yajnavalkya were propounders of Yoga system; the saints one and all were adepts in yoga. Yogavasistha is the greatest work of the. Project Gutenburg made electronic versions of the complete translation of Yoga Vasistha Maharamayana by V. L. Mitra available to the public. People who are interested in self-realization can also study the more comprehensive Brihat Yoga Vasistha book and the smaller one, Laghu Yoga Vasistha.

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Yoga Vasistha teachings are divided into six parts: Free download of Yoga Vasishta available in two different e-book formats:.

It greatly influenced the general philosophical thought. Retrieved from ” https: Ayurveda Dhanurveda Natya Shastra Sthapatyaveda.

The Essence of Yoga Vasistha: Moreover wherever the vasistna like vayasa or khaga have been used by the author they only denote the bhudunda as a man styled and addressed as with attributive epithets khaga or vayasa due to similarity of his name to the bird crow. Brahman manifests Himself as mind.

The Yoga Vasishtha

The Yoga Vasishtha was once one of the most widely read books in India. All your doubts will vanish and all Karmas will perish. A moment of waking experience may be experienced as years in dream.


The conversation between Rama and vasistha 3. He is beyond description. If you were really bound you could never become free.

This is a valuable heritage from the hoary past of this sacred land known as Bharatavarsha or Aryavarta. Though brihah book is called Yoga Vasishtha, it treats of Jnana only.

Extinction of all Vasanas constitutes Moksha. Again, thank you very much.

Yoga Vasistha – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yoga Vasistha teachings are structured as stories and fables, [8] with a philosophical foundation similar to those found in Advaita Vedanta[9] is particularly associated with drsti-srsti subschool of Advaita which holds that the “whole world of things is the object of mind”.

If all objects which have an enchanting appearance become eyesores and present the very reverse of the former feelings, then the mind is destroyed. Even so, the waking state becomes unreal for a sage who has attained Self-realisation.

He has nothing to attain nor has he anything to give up. Rishi Valmiki, the author vasisthz the Ramayana, compiled this remarkable book. This is a book for constant study as many times as possible.

YOGA VASISTHA Of Valamiki: 4 Volumes

The story of Ahilya and Indra. The mind contemplating on the body becomes the body itself and then, enmeshed in it, is afflicted by it.


Maharamayana, Arsaramayana, Vasistaramayana, Jnanavasistha or Vasistha. The old English usage sometimes takes its course I the translation in land so the present editor has replaced all such usages by the modest terms available in English languages. It sheds an ample good light on the time period of Rama social customs and Vedic rituals prevalent by then.

Swamiji responded meditate and you will know the answer. I have purchased several items from Exotic India: I ordered a book for my mother and it came within a few days from India to NYC!!

Yoga Vasishta Maharamayana

The mind attains its quiescence here. He is one homogeneous essence. Science of Inner Redemption: Clarification regarding Kaka Bhusunda: Oh how I wished that other businesses in India would learn to do the same! Yoga Vasistha is considered one of the most important texts of the Vedantic philosophy. Wonderful items and service! The story of Akasaja 6. Births and deaths generate the greatest pain.