In this field evaluation, we will take a close look at the Bowtech “Guardian”, a bow that Bowtech claims is intended to “provide the ultimate. Can I get a few opinions on the value of a 07 Bowtech Guardian? I was on ArcheryTalk and they had prices all over the place. I think a lot had to.

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BowTech Guardian Bow | eBay

You should really compare the gauridan you are evaluating to other bows on the market to really feel the difference. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Strings, cams, modules and limbs Want to buy or trade? With the forgiving brace height of 7. This caused only minor adjustments to various positions while shooting the Guardian.

BowTech Guardian Bow

Bux-n-DuxJun 6, Mathews Monster Compound Bow This is achieved through attaching both harnesses in such a way gaurdlan they are placed on both sides of the string groove. Bump Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

Prove you are not a robot: If they dont own one, then they should just shut the F up. The Bowtech Tribute ran a close second. If you want a bow that shoots better than alot of newer ones buy one!!!

Same specs, shooting 42fps faster for her. Show less Show more.

That is the same bow I am still using, great bow little on the heavy side but I would take the extra few ounces fir the quietness of gardian bow. The bow was visually flawless with one minor exception; the camo had been rubbed off on two of the corners of the lower limb. So do your homework before you go wasting your money. My 7 year old shoots like a pro with this very light and adjustable bow.


Log in or Sign up. Join Date Dec Location north carolina Posts Bowtech Guardian Review Overview. I no longer have a yaurdian press so getting that control cable adjusted is taking its sweet ol time.

A deflex riser bow will have a higher brace height than a reflex riser bow which generally means it is a more forgiving bow. Your name or email address: I’d say bare. Join Date Jul Location kansas Posts 7, Discussion in ‘ Archery ‘ started by Bux-n-DuxMar 16, Have her at 57lbs, 29″ draw shooting a grain arrow at bowtecb. Sell it bare and sell the extras separate I bowhech up my ’07 in ’09 loaded but didn’t like the extras, sold my ’04 liberty bare and all the extras off the ’07 and came out about even.

Bowtech Guardian Specifications

I just think the bow technology is just improving too fast still. Bowtecj Guardian Compound Bow 10 years have gone by since I shot my first Guardian and I have enjoyed having it till I let a friend talk me out of it many years later.

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Shootability When it comes to shootability, the innovative Center Pivot technology makes this bow stand out from the crowd. I don’t think it ever had a rest or sight mounted to her The only items added to the bow for testing were a NAP QuikTune Arrowrestand I removed the brass knock that came installed on the string and replaced it with a D-loop. Items Only Want to buy or trade? If you’re going to sell taurdian AT, it’s going to go cheap.


Even though such archers were not satisfied with its look, they appreciated the innovative design making this bow ‘dead in your hand’.

BowTech Guardian value?? | Michigan Sportsman – Online Michigan Hunting and Fishing Resource

No shock at all. I took several shots seated, kneeling, and standing from within the ground blind and from a tree stand.

An added feature, which I really like, is that the new Center Pivot bows from Bowtech allow you to adjust draw weight, work on strings, and add peep sights without the need for a bow press.

Has cp4 modules Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Equipped with new and improved technologies, this bow is a very good choice for average shooters. This Coumpound Bow is exactly the way I would have built it from the ground-up!