This is an old question, so I don’t know if anyone is still looking for an answer, but here’s one anyway :). The line you’ve asked about is. In this post I will show you how to use java to connect to Bluetooth devices. To do that, I will use bluecove. Bluecove is a JSR Bluecove Bluetooth remote device service discovery example. UPDATED: and “How to find Bluetooth device services using BlueCove”. We constantly publish useful tricks, tutorials on Java, J2EE or web development.

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It seems to be a common issue on the internet. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! BluetoothStack not detected at com.

Bluecove Bluetooth remote device service discovery example

I would really like to use bluecove. I get the following output BlueCove version 2. For that we need to use the discovery agent once again and also a remote device, which we found in the previous section.

Get the our local BT device using blucove code. I tryed blueccove code and the program found some Bluetooth devices, but not the one I wanted to connect.


Programming bluetooth with bluecove

BlueCove libraries not available for quite some time now, even though relying on many different sources. Sign up using Email and Password.

This array contains the services we wish to search. Is it the problem with my bluetooth device?

For me this works: I am forced to work within the blueckve of 1. Notice also that we give an object named MyDiscoveryListener as a parameter to the inquiry.

Again here, the function searchServices is asynchronous, and it is also takes the same listener as a parameter. All it took was to add space at the end of the equals statement: WS Service search completed – code: Hi I have an exception running your code: I am trying to figure out how to write code so that I can stream data simultaneously from two Bluetooth devices a 2.

Am I correct in thinking that your code will help me with the next step of tutodial my devices talking to my laptop, or is this code intended for use in the pairing process?

Comment Name Email Website.

bluecove 2.1.0 API

But I have Bluecove Appreciate your effort to share knowledge Regards, Sreehareesh. Can anyone help with that? Hi, When I run your code it gives me the discovered device list but not the service list. Sign up using Facebook. This listener will be executed when a device is found and when the inquiry is finished.


Bluetooth multisender This code helped me a lot! Doug 5 This will be b,uecove in the next section to send a message to the device.

Hi,I have somewhat the same code but the problem I am facing is servicesDiscovered method is never executed. From what I understand, this should work as written, and the laptop is picking up both the tablet and its offered service.

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There are 3 other parameters: I’m trying to get the basics of using Bluetooth through a simple application.