Blaze Morgan, at 15, is the eldest of Lord Robert Morgan’s eight spirited but loving daughters, and the financially strapped aristocrat is relieved to have her. Title: Blaze Wyndham Author: Bertrice Small Publication Info: Onyx/NAL Reprint , Original ISBN: Genre: Historical. From the New York Times bestselling “resigning queen of romance” (Literary Times), comes a love story on a grand scale, featuring an innocent country girl.

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And these same women emphasizing the need for boys boys boys to keep the primogeniture engine of England humming? No trivia or quizzes yet. Part of me wants to give this book a 1-star because it was pretty bad, even by Bertie standards. It doesn’t matter if Blaze is at her country estate mulling her own breeding state, those of her sisters, or Queen Catherine herself.

A sentimental favourite of mine. The rest of the book- besides it jumping time periods at random places one minute she is announcing her pregnancy, the next she is like almost due to give birthit wasn’t bad. I understand that it took place in the 16th century when that was normal, but as a modern reader, it was a little uncomfortable. Since her adored and adoring husband knocked her up, her logic is flawless in Blaze’s dusty cupboard of a brain.

Blaze, the eldest of eight gorgeous daughters of the impoverished Lord Morgan, is betrothed to Edmund Wyndham, the Earl of Langford, who simply wants a fertile young wife to bear his heir. Aug 17, Cyndy David rated it it was amazing. I now read a lot of nonfiction books about smalp.

Blaze Wyndham – Bertrice Small – Google Books

I couldn’t find specific Bertie drinking games or historical drinking games, but I found two contemporary ones. This is a romance that needs the Harlequin Title Generator tm.

It also irritated me how Blaze and her sisters and all her men were described as being so beautiful or handsome, but the servants were old and bent or had big, tombstone-shaped teeth.


Fuck Blaze, fuck her sisters, fuck all their doormat spouses, and fuck their children sjall. View all 3 comments. He has to blackmail her into sjall by threatening to take her children away from her.

Where do I start with this book?

I should make a Bertie one tho. The story of all that Blaze endured and overcame to find berrice was riveting. Now, this female-enabled patriarchal bullshit tends to normally be thick and deep in a Bertie Small book, but usually there is some cracktastic plot that offsets the pratings of these smug and satisfied walking gestation chambers.

Blaze Wyndham

The book gets really crazy in the middle when Edmund dies in a hunting accident and then newly widowed Blaze ends up becoming King Henry VII’s unwilling mistress. Each week, our editors select the berrtrice author and one book they believe to be most worthy ywndham your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. I simply found it unbelievable that Blaze’ s own view spoiler [ sister conspires to murder her in a most gruesome way, in order to steal her husband, and, when the plot is found out and averted, she is then rewarded by having her crime covered up, forgiven, coddled and married off to a wealthy nobleman who falls in love with her at first sight.

It’s like the most mundane family-centric filler of every Regency series about siblings all crammed into one book. I also liked the history she added to the bt. Just take some concepts and bang away on them and call it a story? Blaze, a 15 year old virgin becomes this little horny sex goddess after one night of love making, yeah right.

Hlaze was a wonderful love story, I re-read it all the time! Other heroines of hers have the same globe-trotting shenanigans and formal or informal reigning powers that can Make Shit Happen.


One of the things I liked most was how beryrice Bertrice Small was about the costumes and the characters. In addition, it wasn’t believable. Jun 04, TinaMarie rated it really liked it. I read it in a day.


Blaze Wyndham by Bertrice Small – FictionDB

Although does that stop him from watching his uncle and Blaze do the nasty? She gets married again. It truly brought them to life. May 18, Raven Hart rated it it was amazing. I have more than enough to go around. Edmund was a great character, he was sweet and gentle and pat I was a bit surprised at how well I liked this book.

The third in my little mouth, but do not be fooled for I am able to swallow the largest cock after I have tongued it to pleasure” And she wants a fucking medal for wyndha.

I’m talking about euphemisms wyndhham he “released his tribute into her waiting body” and he “poured a libation of his love into her wyndhham cup. Sep 05, Carolyn F. Their love will be complicated only by a sinister plot hatched by sister Delight–still longing for Anthony–and by a lascivious French girl.

Apr 07, Dee rated it did not like it. There were cheesy, exclamation-ridden declarations of love, and some of the goofiest sex scenes that made me laugh bh loud. And no doubt pregnant within a fortnight. I bet she had a boy. Her review might eventually be here. Blaze has romances with three men in the book, which is also a big difference from most modern romances.

Soared straight and true into the burning blue of the heavens until she thought she could go no higher, only to discover that beyond the blue lay a new zone of fiery gold.

Want to Read saving…. In my case it’s a “must read. I was a bit bettrice at how well I liked this book.