This manual contains installation and operation procedures for the following Page 3 . Considerations for Safe Operation of Your Biodex Multi-Joint System. Records 16 – 44 This manual covers operation procedures for the following Biodex .. Biodex Multi-Joint System 3, Rev 2 or higher, with the proper hardware. Bi doex. User Guide the Biodex for the next instruction which will be to press start the Biodex for the next instruction The PC will load the System 3 y software.

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In the OFF position, the dynamometer is on Standby. The passive mode may be used after lateral ligamentous sprain to work the evertors both concentrically and eccentrically.

Use the Dynamometer Height Scale, located on the dynamometer mounting post, to note the new dynamometer height. In this case, remove the patient immediately from the attachment by releasing the velcro cuff. These include the glenohumeral joint,acromioclavicular joint, sternoclavicular joint, and scapulothoracic articulation. Use the Dynamometer Position Scale on the travel to note position.!! In the OFF position, the dynamometer is on Standby.


If you add or remove stabiliza- tion devices, document it. Use with Quick-Set configuration. Attach Wrist attachment to dynamometer. Modes of Operation 3. The eccentric mode may be used to strengthen the musculotendinous junction. Multi-angle isometrics are recommended.

Of special note at the elbow are the tendinous origins of the wrist musculature. The midcarpal joint systwm considerably toflexion and extension of the wrist.


BIODEX SYSTEM 3 PRO MANUAL ( # 8 3 5 – 0 0 0 ) Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Work the agonist, antagonist or both muscles at specified joint angles. Export Data Mqnual produces. Press the Start key on the control panel. Because of this, stability is sacri-ficed. Optional program downloads, if required: During setup, check subject positioning and ability to complete range of motion slowly prior to securing stabilization straps. Contraction type is indicated by the LEDs for each direction of movement.

Move patient into position patient is facing away from dynamometer. Biovex Passive mode for repetitive exercises. The attachment last displayed is automatically selected and remains the currently selected attachment until you change it again.

One is designed with a high, narrow, rubber support for use withpatients where it is desirable to perform the exercise without shoes. Set seat back tilt to 70 degrees Isometrics may be used when pain or inflammation is a concern. This will limit compression on joints, tension developed in the muscles and tendons, and generally allows the subject to do bjodex numbers of sets or repetitions, which transfers to daily activities.

However, because the Biodex System is so versatile and adaptable, you may bikdex additional setups possible. You may now adjust the seatback to the desiredangle.

Be sure to properly exit and close down the Biodex Advantage Software application and Windows Programs before turning off the computer. Extension ladder drills These drills will provide majual practical training for crews in the use and operation of ladders and associated equipment, carrying out a wide variety of procedures and techniques.


Secure appropriate stabilization straps. Always assume manua, previously set ROM limits are inappropriate for successive subjects and for successive joints on the same subject. The subtalar joint is the articulation between thetalus and calcaneus. Ensure finger guard syxtem in place when using this attachment.

Place the necessary amount of leveling pads under the ends of the T-base to eliminate any excessive motion. Modes of Operation There are six operating modes from which to choose: It is suggested that the clinician try the setups presented herein before attempting any setup improvisations especially for testing applica- tions.

The direction the attachment ismoving will determine the contraction for quadriceps, choose concentric away and eccentric towards. In the Isokinetic mode the Force-Velocity relationship of muscle dictates that as speed of con- traction increases the muscular tension and therefore torque decreases.

The eccentric mode may be used to perform maximal or submaximal activities to simulate function or sports activities.


The Reactive Eccentric mode may be used to perform submaximal or maximal eccentrics. Injuries to health may result from incorrect or excessive training.!

Insert handgrip or footplate in attachment receiving tube. Seat Rotation Handle Cervical Support Adjustment Knob6. To secure the dynamometer ,anual position, tighten the knob in a clockwise direction and ensure that the dynamometer teeth are engaged.