An Eyewitness account of the Battle of Agincourt. The young de Wavrin observed the battle from the French lines and we join his account as the two armies. Battle of Agincourt, St. Alban’s Chronicle by Thomas 1, × 1,; KB . Wikiquote(1 entry). edit. eswikiquote Batalla de Agincourt. Batalla de Azincourt o de Agincourt – Arre caballo!.

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They might also have deployed some archers in the centre of the line. The English and Welsh archers on the flanks drove pointed wooden stakesor palings, into the ground at an angle to force cavalry to zgincourt off. Without a river obstacle to defend, the French were hesitant to force a battle. It forms the centrepiece of the play Henry V by William Shakespeare. The battle is referred to several times — though never seen directly — in Michael Crichton ‘s science-fiction novel Timelinein which a group of archaeologists are transported back in time to fourteenth-century France.

Battle of Agincourt – Wikidata

The battle appears in “The campaign ofas an historical drama” by Christopher Godmond. This put them at a significant disadvantage; the English army was well-fed after plundering the countryside and well-rested, having slept in their positions the night before the battle.

Three dukesat least eight countsa viscountand an archbishop died, along with numerous other nobles. The Black Prince’s division was particularly hard-pressed during the fighting.

The Hundred Years War. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Duchy of Lorraine Kingdom of Majorca.

Moisne of Basle related the location and formation of the English forces. Triumph of the longbow. These numbers have been described as unrealistic and exaggerated by historians, going by the extant war treasury records forsix years before the battle. The French could not cope with the thousands of lightly armoured longbowmen assailants who were much less hindered by the mud and weight of their armour combined with the English men-at-arms.

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Henry V at the time of the battle. Among the circa 1, prisoners taken by the English, were the following French notables: Although the victory had been militarily decisive, its impact was complex. Edited and reduced into one volume by G.

An esquire during the Dr Year’s Aglncourt. Philip moved off with his army, attempting to entrap and destroy the English force. His father and older brother fought with the French at the battle. Edward returned to England to raise more funds for another campaign and to deal with his political difficulties with the Scots, who were making repeated raids over the border.

Such an event would have posed a risk to the still-outnumbered English and could have easily turned a stunning victory into a mutually-destructive defeat, as the English forces were now largely intermingled with the French and would have suffered grievously from the arrows of their own longbowmen had they needed to resume shooting.

Infantry Warfare in the Agibcourt Fourteenth Century. Retrieved from ” https: King Henry ordered that all French prisoners be put to the sword – an order his knights were reluctant to sgincourt as, if kept alive, these prisoners could bring a healthy ransom: The campaign season was coming to an end, and the English army had suffered many casualties through disease.

The Battle of Agincourt,

A test conducted by Mike Loades for Weapons That Changed Britain — The Longbow found that a bwtalla span crossbow could discharge 4 bolts in 30 seconds, while a longbow could shoot 9. The French king had two horses killed from underneath agincurt, and had taken an arrow to the jaw. The fighting lasted about three hours, but eventually the leaders of the second line were killed or captured, as those of the first line had been.


The king received an axe blow to the head, which knocked off a piece of the crown that formed part of his helmet. Retrieved 23 April The assault continued well into the night, with the French nobility stubbornly refusing to yield.

The army also agincoutt around 5, longbowmen, 3, hobelars light cavalry and mounted archers and 3, spearmen. The English eyewitness account comes from the anonymous Gesta Henrici Quintibelieved to be written by a chaplain in the King’s household who would have been in the baggage train at the battle. Edited and Translated by Sir Herbert Maxwell. However, the slope and obstacles laid by ds English disrupted the attack. That Genoa on its own could have put several thousand mercenary crossbowmen at the disposal of the French monarch is described by Schnerb as “doubtful”.

Edited and Translated by Jean Birdsall. The Hundred Years War: The lack of reliable sources makes it impossible to give a precise figure for the French and English casualties dead, wounded, taken prisoner.

Battle of Agincourt

Life and Campaigns of the Black Prince. Glanz, James 24 October The Essential Handbook of the Spoken Word. Although an audience vote was “too close to aincourt, Henry was unanimously found guilty by the court on the basis of “evolving standards of civil society”. The Battle of Agincourt UK: The story begins two months before the battle.