Antologia rusinii. Item#/ISBN Price:$ Language: Romanian. Year By:Nicolae Merisanu, Dan Talos. Subject:Journalism. Description. Antologia rusinii. Romanian. $ USD. DetailsAdd to Cart · Apocalipsa dupa Vaslui. Romanian. $ USD. DetailsAdd. Virgil Ierunca, Antologia Rusinii dupa Virgil Ierunca, ed. Nicolae Merisanu and Dan Talos, foreword to Antologia Rusinii, by Virgil.

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Acum 25 de ani, cand a avut loc catastrofa nucleara de la Cernobil, presa scrisa si vorbita a regimurilor comuniste, inclusiv a celui de la Bucuresti, au negat realitatea, au amanat cat s-a putut anuntarea cataclismului.

Radio Europa Libera a fost sursa de informatii, obiectiva si tocmai de aceea credibila, antplogia acel moment de maxima ingrijorare si maxima primejdie.

La fel, in noaptea cutremurului din martieromanii au aflat de la Europa Libera ce se intampla in tara rusiniii. Situatia economica, pictata in culori trandafirii de scribii propagandei, era analizata cu competenta in editorialele d-lui Serban Orescu. A fi mentionat pozitiv la Europa Libera insemna un certificat de onorabilitate.

Antoloia Securitatii erau prezentate in cumplita si ubicua lor realitate. Mitologiile dominante despre istoria PCR erau demistificate. De la Washington veneau comentariile politice, sobre si aplicate, ale lui Nestor Ratesh, reportajele lui Constantin Alexandroaie, reflectiile unor distinsi intelectuali precum Matei Calinescu si Virgil Nemoianu.

Printre colaboratori, tin sa-l amintesc pe regretatul Cornel Dumitrescu.


Fara Radio Europa Libera, cetatenii Romaniei s-ar fi sufocat intr-o stare de autarhie spirituala, de inanitie informationala tot mai devastatoare. Dupa prabusirea regimului comunist din Romania, cand noua putere facea tot posibilul ca sa impiedice formarea unei culturi a libertatii mediatice, a pluralismului in genere, Radio Europa Libera a continuat sa fie un avanpost al spiritului democratic.


Miercuri, 27 aprilieora Impact on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe: Ross Johnson, Hoover Institution; dl.

Dorin Dobrincu, director al Arhivelor Nationale ale Romaniei si dl. The Voice of Hope, Dignity, and Truth. Let antologa first congratulate the participants to this exceptionally significant event. For millions of Romanians, it was the voice of hope, dignity, and truth.

Liga Oamenilor de Cultură Bonţideni

Afterit remained a model of objectivity, fair-mindedness, and genuine journalism. I grew up listening to Radio Free Europe. His extraordinary voice, penetrating and subtle, made the comments doubly effective. The rigor of the interpretation was complemented by the sobriety of his tone. For him, communist tyranny was not irreversible. He insisted on the benefits of pluralism, a concept execrated by Romanian party hacks. Interested as I was in philosophical and cultural issues, I was addicted to the immensely influential broadcastings of Monica Lovinescu and Virgil Ierunca.

My own formation owes a huge debt to those uniquely insightful discussions of major trends within contemporary political and aesthetic realms.

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No less important, Radio Free Europe supported all dissident and oppositional activities inRomania. It was the voice of sedition, the invitation to truth in a system in which mendacity reigned supreme. For totalitarianism, truth is subversive. Directors Noel Bernard and Vlad Georgescu most likely lost their lives as a result of Securitate-planned criminal plots.

Radio Free Europe broadcast invaluable information about the heroic initiative to create a free trade union of the Romanian workers Ionel Cana, Gh. Brasoveanu, Vasile Paraschiv, Carl Gibson and othersthe anti-communist strikes in Valea Jiului in Augustled by Constantin Dobre and his colleagues, as well as about the anticommunist movement in Brasov in November During the revolutionary upheaval, RFE was the main hope of the Romanians, a source of information, knowledge, clarity, and self-confidence.


After the demise of communism, RFE has continued to militate for democratic values, for tolerance, dialogue, and moral clarity. It has opposed communist restoration and criticized Ion Iliescu and his cronies for their refusal to engage in genuine democratization. This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 26th, at You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Both comments and pings are currently closed. The Voice of Hope, Dignity, and Truth Let me first congratulate the participants to this exceptionally significant event.

Solidaritate cu dizidentul chinez Liu Xioabo, condamnat de autoritatile comuniste la 11 ani inchisoare. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: