The Politics of Johannes Althusius. An abridged translation of the Third Edition of. POLITICA METHODICE DIGESTA, ATQUE EXEMPLIS SACRIS ET PROFANIS. After philosophic and legal studies in Switzerland, Althusius was a professor at the “Politica methodice digesta atque exemplis sacris et profanis illustrata”. According to Althusius, the purpose of the state is to protect and encourage social life. The family is the most natural of human associations, and all other unions.

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InAlthusius published his principal judicial work, Dicaeologicae. A series of social contracts sustains the system as new groups are brought into existence. It was just getting interesting, Carney–why’d you cut that part? We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. By the former, inferiors are imbued with a healthy knowledge of holy, just, and useful things; by the latter, they are held firm in duty.

Politica – Online Library of Liberty

Therefore they are greater between parents and children. Consequently, Althusius is opposed to tyrannical rule not because it is undemocratic, but because it becomes ineffective in supporting the ends for which persons enter and remain in association with each other.

His correspondence contains frequent condemnations of Arminian theological opinions, and in one letter he especially criticized the Pietas of Hugo Grotius on the basis that it would undermine the independent right and liberty of the church by transferring ecclesiastical functions to civil government.

The polity, then, is a symbiotic association constituted by symbiotes through communication. The first is that I have experienced difficulty in separating juridical matters from this science.

So it is that what the collegium owes is not owed by the individuals separately, and what is owed to the collegium is not owed to the individuals separately. The General Elements of Politics pp.

Johannes Althusius

And it suggests limits arising both from the nature of faith and from the requirements of symbiosis beyond which the effort to compel observance even of the true religion ought not to go. It is politics that teaches what the spouses, paterfamilias, materfamilias, servants, and attendants may contribute and communicate among themselves—and what the kinsmen among themselves—in order that private and domestic social life may be piously and justly fulfilled. Please try again later.


These persons, by their coming together, now become not spouses, kinsmen, and colleagues, but politicq of the same community. Since the published annals and histories speak of these things to the eternal glory of your name, I choose to pass over them in silence rather than to mention only a small part of them.

The first is natural, and the second is civil. Chris added it Jun 26, By appealing to symbiosis in this manner, he denies that private and public associations should have essentially different sources of legitimacy and modes of operation from each other. The wife and family are obedient, and do what is commanded.

The jurist discusses the right that arises from them. It need not last as long as the lifetime of a man, but can be disbanded poliica and in good faith by the mutual agreement of those who althusiuss come together, however much it may have been necessary and useful for social life on another occasion.

I’m usually very suspicious of abridgements, but Carney’s was effective and judicious–there were only one or two points at which I was like, “What? I have decided in most instances to polittica them in such a manner as to retain for the English reader the opportunity of seeing these words in their relationships. This has been done by inserting everything into the text itself without the use of any footnotes and in a manner that gives the impression of altbusius clutter. Yet he recognizes the connection between the simple and private associations of family and collegium and the mixed and public associations of city, province, and commonwealth.

In these things that are merely voluntary nothing ought to be done unless all consent, not separately and at different times, but corporately and unanimously. For example, there are no propositions referring chiefly and generically to the city to be found in his opening discussion of politics in general.


The knowledge of other associations is therefore incomplete and defective without this doctrine of conjugal and kinship associations, and cannot be rightly understood without it.

In these instances I have usually broken up the sentences, and changed infinitives to gerunds and gerunds to infinitives to achieve somewhat parallel construction. This administration of the rights of sovereignty is then entrusted by the people to another.

I should observe in closing this section that further material on the relation of Althusius to some of these writers is to be found in the introduction that Friedrich provided his republication of the Politica in its original language. The means, timing, and other relevant matters for effecting a remedy for such tyranny are thereupon discussed by Althusius.

For Althusius the problem was what to do with such politically relevant, but nevertheless contingent, matters as the varying character and customs of rulers and peoples.

And this Althusius clearly appropriates. Also, it attempts to be realistic; it is grounded in a realistic understanding of human nature, its limits and possibilities in the manner Edition: Wolf translated a few pages into German from the edition, and included them in a collection of juridical writings by various authors that he published in He directs the business of the community, and governs on behalf of its welfare and advantage, exercising authority jus over the individuals but not over the citizens collectively.

He drew politiva an extraordinary number of books from many fields in the composition of his Politica, over of which are referred to in this abridged translation.

Chris added it Dec 24, Jacob Rush rated it it was amazing Mar 23, Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if althusiua meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Therefore, if there is some precept that does not contribute to this purpose, it should be rejected as heteronomous.