Hello, I am looking for a solution how I can do a crossupdate for my Allnet + NAS to Thecus +. Allnet has stopped the support, and I. Applicable Models: ALL, ALLPRO, ALL, ALL, ALL ,. ALL, ALL and ALL Please read the notes below carefully. ALLNET ALL RAID 5 with x GB Seagate Barracuda drives ( Rebadged Thecus ). Fan failed causing it to overheat which triggered raid.

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Modify Press the Modify button to modify a local user.

Confirm Password For re-entering password to confirm. From the Accounts menu, you can create, modify, and delete users, and assign them to groups that you designate. RAID 5 requires a minimum of 3 disks.

A larger stripe size is better for large files. Writable Provides Write access to users or groups who are displayed in this column. Click Next to proceed with the file system check.

Allnnet Time Setup Overview Once 66400 hardware is installed, physically connected to your network, and powered on, you can configure the ALLPRO so that it is accessible to your network users. Click on Delete button and the user is deleted from the system. For details on how to configure your network settings, refer to Chapter 4: On the other hand, no more anonymous logAdvance Option Network Management Use the Network menu to make network configuration settings as well as service support settings.

  ICE 28265 PDF

ESC Escape Escape and return to the previous menu. Nsync folder is used by Nsync server. Press Reboot to restart the system or Shutdown to turn the system off. Please make sure that you describe your difficulty with the Allnet ALLpro as precisely as you can.

Status Displays the status of the USB printer. You can change any of these items and press Apply to confirm your settings. Firmware version Shows the current firmware version.

Information On the Disks Information screen, the status of each disk alonet be displayed in the Status column. Descending Shows logs by date in descending order. Up Time Shows how long the system has been running. Del Press Del to delete the folder. Spare Check a box to designate the replacement HDD for the storage volume.

Problems with BE 11d and ALLNET ALL NAS – VOX

Enter a password in the Password box and re-enter the password in the Confirm box. RAID 6 Two independent parity computations must be used in order to provide protection against double disk failure. When you are finished, press Submit to submit and confirm your ACL settings. If you choose an on time, but do not assign an off time, the system will turn on and remain on until a scheduled off time is reached, or if 64000 unit 66400 shutdown manually.


Press OK to delete the folder permanently or Cancel to go back to the folder list. Press the Apply button and the user is created. Press Apply to confirm your selection.

Choose your ALLNET product from list:

Select an existing user from the Local User Configuration screen. For information on how to set up allnnet Printer Server, refer to Chapter 5: A prompt appears asking to confirm the deletion. Make any changes you wish, and press Apply to confirm changes. RAID 5 can sustain one failed disk. JBOD requires a minimum of 1 disk.

Module File Location of the module file. Share Limit Enter the maximum size of the folder.