Gerda Weissmann Klein. Gerda’s maturation takes place gradually throughout All But My Life, under the shadow of the Nazi regime. At the beginning of her. are thought to be impatient with all things foreign or uncool sat there in rapt attention, already transformed by her book, All But My. Life (Gerda Weissmann Klein. All but My Life tells the haunting story of Gerda Weissman Klein’s experience under the Nazi regime. Taken from her home in Bielitz, Poland, and.

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Gerda as one of the victim was sent out of her own country. He did not call farewell. Gerda can no longer visit her beloved garden, only a few feet away. Everything she loved, everything she knew was obliterated. I have given the narration four stars, just as I have the book. Not that she needs to be replaced, but I don’t think all students are going to relate to Anne. This book was devastating and absolutely riveting.

There were several notable quotes. Throughout the war Abek sacrifices himself by volunteering to go to the worst camp just to be near Gerda. He, too, has known suffering and loss.

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. View all 34 comments. View all 17 comments. Gerda Weissmann Klein was the special guest. She spends her life teaching about tolerance and bringing this message to middle and high schools where it needs to be heard the most. I listened to this account on audio and while I can highly recommend the book I cant recommend the audible as the quality was poor and quite muffled, I had to adjust the volume on numerous occasions.

Decisions were hard to make, she made the right one, keeping her alive. No matter how bad my life seems to be, I can more easily remember that I really and truly have it SO very good.


All But My Life: A Memoir by Gerda Weissmann Klein

What an amazing blessing that have been able to get a first hand account of a Holocaust experience that I will be able to one day share with my children. As heart-wrenching as it is, I somehow feel indebted to read these difficult things and even weep for those who suffered and still are.

She analyzes what kept her going, why she did not give up and what the experience has taught her—the value of bringing happiness to others. This book has nearly 11, ratings and nearly reviews and the rating averages 4.

Yet no matter how great her suffering, Gerda never chooses to bury her heart. I wanted someone to make me happy. It introduces them to last century’s terrible history of devastation and prejudice, yet offers them hope that the effects of hatred can be overcome.

All But My Life: A Memoir

Some of the places and names are muffled, which I believe is a result of faulty recording. It’s probably not helpful to dwell on past i It’s painful to read–just as “Night” or “The Hiding Place” are.

For all its heartbreak All But My Life is a beautiful resounding testament to the preciousness of life. Feb 20, Berrett rated it it was amazing.

Nothing but our lives. I should probably start out by saying that I’m not totally obsessed with WWII, Holocaust, concentration camps, terror, misery and death here it comes The Life of Saul Bellow.

So many times we are tuaght that the strong survive, the weak perish. Ilse, a childhood friend of mine, once found a raspberry in the concentration camp and carried it in her pocket all day to present to me that night on a leaf. Later she thought about her I read this book because my high school kids are reading it in their Holocost class.

Today Gerda is still alive at Than they are confronted with the Nazi invasion and things began to change for them very quic I first heard about this book from my daughter who is a school teacher in Chicago. Friendships sustain her through illness, deprivation, and brutality, as do occasional scribbled sentences from her brother Artur. The author as a teenage was sent to the labor camps during WWII.


Gerda’s friend Abek gives her roses, a reminder of the beauty outside the ghetto. The author keeps a rather calm tone throughout, which made it even more chilling for me when coming across facts like at the end of the war”I was weighedsixty-eight pounds. Feb 28, Rachel rated it it was amazing.

Papa entered the last car and went to the open platform at the rear to see us as long as possible. Thank you to the author an I have to start this review by saying, I saw Mrs. Makes me so grateful to tuck my kids in bed each night in clean sheets, with gerva soft pillow, in a warm house, well feed, and most importantly they are safe no one trying to hurt them.

Our heart goes out to them and stays with them. That’s about how much my Kati weighs right weizsmann, and she’s 9!!! Even though it was sad and depressing to see people die there was still always have to be hope in her survival.

All but My Life by Gerda Weissman Klein | : Books

How Gerta managed to see all this through ny eventually marry and come to America is a tale of a heroic and indomitable spirit. Unwilling to allow any of their prisoners to survive, the guards drive them into a factory building and plant a bomb. I was also very excited to hear the author speak at The Morrison Center. We see the disintegration of normal life as her family is torn apart.

Taken from kleinn home in Bielitz, Poland, and sent to German labor camps, Gerda survived and was liberated by American troops.

With little coal to heat their two rooms, the Weissmanns are warmed by their love for one another and their memories of happier days. The family’s downward spiral continues when they must leave their home for the ghetto.

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