Mašine za brizganje plastike Neofyton je generalni zastupnik svetskih najvećih proizvođača mašina i prateće opreme za brizganje plastike. Alati za obradu Celika, Inox-a, legura metala, odlivaka,Plastike, Drveta, Kamena, Papira. Glodalo za Plastiku, Glodalo za Aluminijum, Glodalo za drvo. ikar-. Alati za plastiku su urađeni od čelika, kako bi bili izdržljivi. Izdržljivost alata je neophodna pošto su brizgaljke za plastiku automatske mašine i proces livenja se .

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A wide range of possible applications: The vertical configuration ensures precise control of the production process and high quality products.

The standard vertical injection machine -series TY 2. We are the exclusive representative for Ex Yugoslavia: Series PLUTO is meant for production for wide consumption, like household products, products for general purpose and similar. The series Mercury is intended for injecting products of the highest and most complex demands, like: Vertical injection machine to produce larger dimensions – series TK The available versions for each of the series: ZHAFIR – electrical machines for plastic injection SHINI – auxiliary equipment for plastic processing drying, transport granules, feeders, blenders, chillers, equipment for tempering, grinding mills, robots In the development and production we use the newest knowledge and technologies to get the machine with superior characteristics.


We offer a standard version, models with greater driving force, as well as specialized models for alari production of packaging. Haitian is one of the pioneers in the progress of production of energy effective injection machines and has four patents from this area. Visit akati on our website: Categories Plastic tools for plastics.

Our most important task is as a representative manufacturer of equipment is to ensure reliable and efficient service and technical support.

Mašine za brizganje plastike

Modular construction, a wide range of possible applications, improved system control unit injectors and the latest control technology from Austria, are just some of the reasons why this series has achieved such success on the market. In addition to qualified service personnel, we have available stock of spare parts and equipment, and logistical support to our principals. Our esteemed customers are the most famous companies in this field in the region.

The result of intensive cooperation between German and Chinese specialists, with the motto “Fully electric design at affordable prices,” Venus II series adapts to the most varied and most complex requirements manufacturer. It is a very reliable series of machines at affordable prices.


alati za livenje plastike (animacija)

Guided by the principles of competence and expertise, with long years of experience, high quality equipment and competitive prices, we have achieved results that we are proud of: Jupiter II is improved by a series of machines with closing forces from to 60 kN. The company is specialized for plastic injection machines and auxiliary equipment.

The vertical injection machine TAYU is recognizable by its compact and elegant design, which also allows easier access to the mold, easy maintenance and significant savings of work-space. It alwti intended for injecting products of large dimensions, like parts for car industry, garbage containers, plates, packaging and similar.

JagodinaSerbia Interest on the map.

ZERES offers all the benefits of a fully electric machines: Vertical injection machine without ribbon – Series TC 3.