Sep 24, comics blogger Tim Callahan has dedicated the next twelve months more than a year to a reread of all of the major Alan Moore comics. Oct 8, comics blogger Tim Callahan has dedicated the next twelve months more than a year to a reread of all of the major Alan Moore comics. Jul 28, The Paperback of the Promethea, Volume 1 by Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III, Mick Gray | at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Her Promethea imagination wasn’t a lot and hers resembled her self very much. Aside from being an avid comic book fan for over 20 years, I have also had a fascination with occult history, practice and theory for the last 7 years, so my interests dovetail with this book rather tidily.

We are given a view of merging with the Godhead that deserves close reading. Margaret committed suicide during her tenure as Promethea. This book will give you an enlightened look at reality and life in general. Perhaps they are primarily more social or theatrical in nature — Moore has the look of a wizard or some other master of secret powers, and if he were to speak spells in my area, Lromethea would pay to hear it.

Absolute Promethea, Book One by Alan Moore

I don’t agree with his interpretation across the board, but I shouldn’t have to agree to be enriched by his perspective. The Prometheas warn her that some benefit from the we are living in a material world and you are our material girl ways. In addition to a great storyline, Moore touches down on a theory about imagination that parallels Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious.

And in this edition, his work gets to shine even more even though it smells funny. I’m less a fan of the art than the story because of the faces. Issue 12 is especially splendid in this edition. Okay, so some of the dialogue is cheesey. So in the panel Promethea has white eyes and she’s losing Sophie. That’s why she loves stories so much.


The first three stories deal with Sophie getting indoctrinated into the ways of Promethea, although there are always more questions than answers. I’m intrigued about how all of these different minds dreaming about their Promethea are gonna converge.

Books by Alan Moore. Ignoring the cautionary warning as all good heros do, Bangs continues her studies and is almost killed by a shadowy creature Smee when she learns the secret of Promethea.

I can hear the wah wah wah playing.

One of the best examples of the potential comics have as a story telling device. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Ignoring the cautionary notice, she continues her studies and is almost killed by a shadowy creature when she learns the.

I got out of internet trading just in time! One entire chapter in this volume is given over to an exploration of humanity’s history through the metaphor of a modified tarot deck, as told by the snakes on Promethea’s caduceus, Mike and Mack Micro and Macro – who speak in rhyming quatrains of iambic pentameter, flawlessly, each keeping his recognizable viewpoint towards either the big picture or the minutiae. Buffy would slay a lot of vampires in this behind the club dumpster.

The ones who made Prometha, the ones who were “made” by others. In other projects Wikiquote. Regarding the first claim, the series is, by Moore’s own admission, didactic: Of course Alan Moore, being the brilliant iconoclast that he is, chose not only to create a character who is a magical creature, he chose to make the book less of a plot driven story and instead primarily a vehicle for presenting his own complex cosmology and system of magical beliefs.


Artwork was great, just found myself overly confused in the beginning. However we tarotists promethew find a careful reading and appreciation of the visual clues useful reminders of profound tarot meanings and, I suggest even suggests moord original ones that have been not thoroughly commented upon before. Williams art is excellent. In this gorgeous, often brilliant series, now complete in five volumes, Moore signals his return to deconstructionist super-hero comics.

The supposedly more visually mindbending scenes in the Immateria are your basic binder-margin hodgepodge of fairies, toadstools, and chimeric assemblages of bodyparts. But what surprised me was the handling of the women in the story.

Absolute Promethea, Book One

For the majority of the series, each issue’s cover features an imitation of a particular artist or style. Book ratings by Goodreads. Jeremy Steben rated it it was amazing Oct 25, Surviving the encounter, Sophie soon finds herself transformed into Promethea, the living embodiment of the imagination. Dec 17, Minna rated it it was amazing Shelves: This series changed the way I saw much of existence. Non mi fa impazzire. Promethea is a sort of etheral super heroine or goddess who can inhabit people who add to the lore of her.

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